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Diary of a Copywriter: I like the way you move it. Not really.

Posted on March 14, 2012 and read 2,237 times

Diary of a Copywriter: I like the way you move it. Not really. thumbnail

lindsay Diary of a Copywriter: I like the way you move it. Not really. Lindsay Smith

Things that are awesome: maple syrup, sleeping in, kittens.

Things that aren’t that awesome: wedgies, mushy tomatoes, moving.

I don’t have a wedgie and I steer clear of mushy tomatoes, but I am moving. For love. So it’s all going to be worth it. Or so I tell myself.

I moved around quite a bit in my twenties.

It started when I was 17 and then I just kept going. I moved a few provinces away for university, spent a couple of semesters in Latin America, then to the US for work, then back to school in Canada, then yet another province for another job.

It was at about this point that I decided I just wanted to own a couch, paint my walls earth tones and never ever look at my giant duffle bag ever again.

So, I moved back to Montreal and bought a couch. Actually my grandmother gave me hers. Same same but different. And I painted my walls latte colour. And tucked my duffle bag away in my parents basement and never looked at it again. That was six years ago.

But then you meet a cute guy on vacation. And even though he’s also Canadian, he lives in a different part of Canada. And because you have so much fun together you start dating. And you find yourself travelling between Montreal and Toronto an awful lot. And you’ve already downloaded pretty much all the good movies from iTunes.

And then a year goes by and you’re in love and the long distance thing is getting kind of expensive and you’re always forgetting a toothbrush and you both decide someone needs to move.

In this particular case, that person is me.

Some people get a new job when they need a change. Or move to a new city. Or they move in with their boyfriend when things get serious. Me? I like to do all those things at once just to keep things interesting. And at the highest stress level of all time. You know, for funsies.

All of a sudden, my nice little life of going to work, going to yoga and watching bad reality TV on the weekend turned into OMG GOTTA FIND A JOB RENT MY CONDO BUY A CAR PACK UP MY LIFE OMG WHAT PONIES LOL.


Trying to do all those things at once can really mess up a girl’s sleeping habits. And I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m not perfect, and I need my beauty sleep.

That’s when the BF and I decided to take care of one thing at a time. Or rather, he came up with a plan because by my third freak out, he had run out of things to tell me. Finding a job seemed like a good place to start.

The advertising community in Montreal is pretty small. Especially when you’re an English copywriter. We are a minority. I’ve been pretty lucky with my career. One job just naturally led to another, which led to another, which led to another. Sometimes I feel bad that that’s how I got into the business when there are a bazillion kids right outta school dying to work at the agency I’m at. SORRY KIDS RIGHT OUTTA SCHOOL.

I didn’t have much of a clue about the advertising community in Toronto, but with the best agency in Canada on my resume, I secretly felt like the whole job thing was going to be easy.

Not so. Now I’m one of those kids right outta school trying to get creative directors to return my calls and emails. What the what!? DON’T THEY KNOW WHO I AM!?

The truth is, they don’t have a clue. Which is bit of a bummer. For them, obviously. Maybe it ‘s advertising karma. It was so easy for me to get into the business, that now that I’m actually looking for something, the advertising Gods are all, “HAHAHA SUCKAH NOW YOU HAVE TO START OVER.”


As with most jobs, it’s all about who you know. Unfortunately, I don’t know that many people. Even though I’m still super cool. But that’s when the magic of social media came to my rescue. With one little Facebook status about how tricky it was to find a job in Toronto, former co-workers, creative directors, friends and relatives came out of hiding and I got a ton of emails from people wanting to help. And I was truly surprised and flattered. All these people wanted to help me? They each knew someone, was related to someone or had made out with someone at an agency in Toronto. And all of them offered to put me in touch with these someones.

How nice is that? I was at a place where form letters were the only responses I was getting and I was convinced that nobody even reads the email addresses. It’s a ghost email.

I’ve been in touch with a friend’s aunt, a former co-worker’s friend and someone who works at our Toronto office. And all have been incredibly nice and helpful to a complete stranger. I still don’t have a job offer but at least I get responses from actual human beings.

We can all learn a lesson from this. Sometimes humanity can surprise you. And also, network the shit out of your next advertising party if you want a job in Toronto.


  • Thomas Smith

    Have fun in T.!

  • Annie Bousquet

    u rock, bonne chance!

  • Lizzie

    Really loved this post, enjoyed your honesty and humor! 

  • Lindsay Smith


  • Nadia Boucher

    really enjoyed reading your post. we have lots of creative writing jobs in Cape Town, South Africa if you ever find yourself moving here :)

  • Lindsay Smith

    Wow! Not sure about moving but would certainly love to visit. :)  




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