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Welcome to the Social Super Bowl Party

Posted on February 7, 2012 and read 2,562 times

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And the best Super Bowl ad award goes to…a spot with a dog. Of course, the critiques and USA Today Ad Meter voting is underway (as we are writing this article) yet it’s a safe bet that the winner will be a dog or a baby. Regardless of who ultimately tops USA Today’s Ad Meter, the real standout star of Super Bowl Sunday, besides Eli Manning of the Giants, is the “second screen.” With the rise in power of social media, the second screen proved to be a dominating force yesterday and ultimately proved itself as a real player for the game of advertising.

Yesterday, as we were watching the Super Bowl on our first screen and obsessively Tweeting on our second screen, and checking in on our third screen (iPad), something extraordinary occurred to us. The second screen wasn’t going to change the dynamic of appointment viewing, it already changed it, and definitely for the better. Thanks to the active, real-time participation of those we already chose to follow on Twitter, we were immediately transported to the biggest Super Bowl party in the world, without actually leaving the comfort of our homes. Whether it was celebrities such as Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo: ‘Since the coin toss ceremony is such a highlight, why not hold it after the game to hang onto viewers?’) or industry veterans such as Edward Boches’ (@edwardboches: ‘Nothing comes close to M&Ms for likeability’), having access to their perspectives throughout the game added an element of surprise and delight to an event that has become a bit too predictable in recent years.

Speaking of surprising and delightful – KIA’s “Dream Car. For real life.” spot contained all the elements of what we love about commercials (nice idea, quality production and fun entertainment), and then threw in the clever twist at the end that prompted us to tweet it’s praises (@JordanAtlas23: ‘KIA Optima delivers a dream spot. Thanks for remembering the idea’). It wasn’t just us either. And we obviously weren’t the only ones participating and experiencing the power of the second screen. It was contagious. Check out these stats (from Clearspring) that were published this morning:

  • Sharing via mobile was up 500% from last year
  • Overall sharing was up 143% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Twitter was up 116% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Tumblr was up 615% from last year
  • Shares to and Clicks from Facebook was up 18% from last year

We also saw initial “Social + Super Bowl stats” by Bluefin Labs (@bluefinlabs) today. They tracked more than 12.2 million social-media comments during and after Super Bowl XLVI, primarily on Twitter and Facebook. That’s a 578% increase over the total Bluefin tracked last year (1.8 million).  And even more staggering, Twitter announced via its official @twitter account, that the final three minutes of the Super Bowl helped push total tweet volume up to an average of 10,000 tweets per second.

And Bluefin Labs tracked stats that make the Super Bowl a new social-TV high-water mark. With 3.1 million social media comments, last night’s Super Bowl was the biggest social-TV event that they have ever recorded. And to support the fun and power of the second screen, Bluefin Labs also tracked more than 985,000 social-media comments specifically related to just Super Bowl commercials. We know a few of those comments were ours and more than a few were probably yours, too.

Over the past few years, we often debate the future of advertising or the death of the TV spot. We believe the future is here and they are playing nicely together. Big TV Spots + second screen + millions of engaged consumers = powerful advertising.

Whether you liked the Super Bowl spots or were disappointed by them (again), we have a recommendation for consumers, agencies and clients. Turn on your second screen and have some fun with it.




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