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Girls Wanna Have Fun

Posted on October 14, 2011 and read 2,686 times

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nesemertan Girls Wanna Have FunNesem Ertan

Newcast (Vivaki Group, Publicis) Paris

One should drink water. One should exercise.

This we inherently know.

One should do many things to be healthy and to live a longer life by respecting one’s self, each other and the planet. But one also does not want to be told what to do.

So here is a basic human insight: we love to be told stories that we can afterwards tell our friends, and we love to live out experiences that will make for good memories… that we can then tell our friends.

We are a generation of talkative, curious and social fellows, which is why we use mobiles, tablets, Facebook and Twitter accounts to discover new things and tell others about what we’ve done. Brands who understand this key insight are all trying to generate earned media through word-of-mouth, and use consumers as their number one ambassadors. The key formula nowadays, when we check out the price winning campaigns, is to use innovative technology to arouse interest through a surprising new experience and to deliver on a nice creative idea based on strong consumer insights.

As Jane McGonigal says in her book “Reality is Broken,” we are a generation of gamers. There are many types of gamers, and we are not only talking about two categories (the “casual gamers” or “hardcore gamers”) anymore. Young people, old people, men and women have all developed a new way of thinking, of solving problems and of living our lives. We like challenges that we can muscle through and we like to make our daily responsibilities as fun as possible.

Our generation just wants to have fun!

The new Contrex ad, produced by French Agency Marcel and broadcasted in France this month, is one of the best current examples in the country of a brand’s attempt to create a live storytelling experience with the potential to live on digitally:

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By not directly telling women what starting to pedal would provoke, Marcel used a basic game designer trick of arousing curiosity to make the discovery process more enjoyable. Women try the bikes to find out what will happen, and suddenly they naturally start working together in order to reach a common purpose. In this case, getting the dancing digital guy naked!

This tactic is reminiscent of the basics of human nature, as presented by Neuromarketing expert Martin Lindstrom and Sales expert Michaël Aguilar. They say, and it seems quite logical to me, that the human brain first processes messages according to its basic needs (survival), then by emotional reactions and finally, by rationality. So by allowing these women to live a fun experience that plays with their emotions, they get to impart the real brand message that inspired the effort: exercise and drink water (Contrex specifically, of course). If that seems boring, just call some friends to make it more fun!

Of course, this video seems too perfect to be filmed during a natural discovery moment, but meets the notoriety need for Contrex’s new Facebook campaign to introduce its new application.

Is watching an experience as good as living it? I guess not… but it’s a good start. And for someone who tried the Chore Wars with her friends after reading Jane’s book, I must say… this application just might work!




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