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Sky Is Not The Limit

Posted on July 28, 2011 and read 2,147 times

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alberto Sky Is Not The Limit Alberto Piovesan
Junior Art Director
Profero London

Unlike in advertising, when flying airplanes rules are definitely NOT meant to be broken.

Flying takes a considerable amount of skills, both mental and physical. The number of things you need to keep track of, paired with the high g forces a pilot can experience when flying aerobatics make for a really challenging experience. While being up in the sky gives a real sense of freedom, there are strict procedures and limitations that you better follow closely unless you want to find yourself spiraling towards the ground at 300 mph with a missing wing, or both. Yes, wings do come off an airplane if you exceed some critical limitations.

I’m lucky enough to have a grandfather who was a fighter pilot. Despite having the right background and connections it still took all my passion and  dedication to achieve the dream of learning how to fly.

A couple of weeks ago, Patrick Collister came to Profero London to give his monthly speech to the creatives. Two things got particularly stuck into my head. The first one: a recent research discovered that only 1 in 5 humans is born with the capacity of creating  original ideas. The second one: the difference between that one creative person and the other four is that the creative naturally accepts possibilities, while the others feel uncomfortable when things are not the way they should be.

Learning to fly is not one of those things many people get into. Likewise, a career in advertising is also something that most people would not consider.

In my own experience, it wasn’t flying itself but rather the ongoing challenges of becoming a pilot, upgrading  the license, passing tests etc. that actually created the right mindset for me to get into advertising.

It all seems to boil down to something creatives do every day: the infantile belief that you can do it, and the stubbornness to keep on keeping on.  I live for the challenge, and however different flying and advertising might be, they provide me with an unfailing supply of challenges. Succeeding in one gives me confidence that I can succeed in the other.

Persistence is everything.




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