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David&Goliath: Ten years of giant killing

Posted on March 22, 2010 and read 3,924 times

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ihaveanidea gets a lot of love from advertising agencies all over the world. One agency that has been particularly good to us over the past few years is David&Goliath out in Los Angeles. Recently D&G hit a milestone that all plucky young upstarts want to hit, the big 1-0. According to tradition, a tenth anniversary is supossed to be celebrated with tin or aluminum, but we at ihaveanidea thought it would be better to send Aiko Alegriaand Logan Muszynski, our daring young LA correspondents, out to the party to see what they could see. Happy anniversary David&Goliath!

“Wow. What can I say? D&G did it again. In fact, I think they really outdid themselves this time, far surpassing their rebranding Brave party from a few year’s back. For their tenth anniversary they did everything right… starting with the location. No El Segundo office this time around, but instead one of the trendiest venues in all of Beverly Hills, The SLS Hotel.

The mood was set even before you got past the valet area. Standing at the entranceway, welcoming guests to the party was a character almost right out of Alice in Wonderland, a 10-foot tall woman with D&G hot pink gloves and a beehive to match, fanning herself with giant ostrich feather fans. While people only had to wait a short while to get checked in, they were enchanted by this character, and she was more than happy to smile and to pose for everyone’s pics.

LA is notorious for bad traffic, but I think everybody must’ve found some secret shortcut because the venue was getting filled from the very beginning. Not only were the people dressed to impress, but so were the appetizer trays; caviar, shrimp, risotto, avocado tuna rolls, mini BBQ rib sliders, every single morsel crafted like a piece of art that you wanted to take home instead of eat.

As soon as people had had a chance to mingle, eat and drink (open bar, of course!) D&G founder David Angelo called everyone to gather around him and gave a rather spontaneous, intimate speech. He started by talking about how it all began ten years ago when he was living in New York City. He was approached by auto manufacturer Kia to take their account on. At the time, he had no intention of moving; his wife was pregnant with their first child (now also ten years old), and when he asked if he had to leave New York, Kia responded “well, we’re located in California, that’s going to be a long commute for you!” David compared the success and growth of David&Goliath with that of Kia, stating that Kia started out with three vehicles and has now grown to eleven, while D&G started with a small shop in Los Angeles and now has offices in London, Frankfurt and soon to be in Toronto. David acknowledged and thanked all of his clients, with an special thanks to Universal Studios — a great client to have when you have young kids! David thanked his whole staff and everyone who’s ever worked with him, even the freelancers, for without them, D&G wouldn’t be what it is today, and he finished by thanking his children and above all, his wife, who has been with him through the entire ride. And as quickly as the speech started, David ended it abruptly with a single request: enjoy yourselves. In our opinion, they made it really hard not to have a good time!

Eggshell flans, Brazilian cocktails made out of liquid nitrogen (!), the food and drink just kept coming and coming! Soon we hear somebody shout “quick! The flamenco dancer is going to start!” We were ushered into this separate room with tables all around, and at the very center there was this beautiful dancer, with a flamenco singer and a guitar player off to the side. The three of them had their audience captivated, and performed tirelessly. We could’ve stayed there all night, but we caught David out of the corner of our eyes and left the trio to chat with him.

“So David,” we asked, “after ten years of having your own agency, what is the single best memory you have from the decade?” The laughed and took a few moments to ponder. “It was definitely when our Kia account was up for review, near the end of 2004. We had been working really hard for weeks, and the entire time I knew I had an idea of how to keep the account, and everyone just had to trust and follow my lead. When I found out we had won the account, I walked into the conference room. At that very moment we were working with another account. We were shooting some video, and our other client was there. We even had someone dressed like Chewbacca in the room! I announced, “We won the account!” and everyone broke into cheers! Everyone was so happy, even Chewbacca was celebrating, it was such a great moment!” We also asked David if, after looking back, there was anything that he’d do differently. “Absolutely not! I know we have made mistakes in the past, but we wouldn’t be were we are today if we hadn’t made those mistakes. It’s all about taking one step at a time. And we are approaching what is to come in the same manner, learning as we go along, especially now that we are opening in Toronto.”

Speaking of Toronto, we even had a few words with some members of the soon-to-be opened Toronto office. Executive Creative Director Israel Diaz and copywriter Greg Buri had flown in for the festivities. “We’re incredibly excited to be joining the David&Goliath family as they start another ten years,” exclaimed Israel. “There is a really energetic culture here, this ‘brave’ culture that we’re dying to bring back home to Canada. We’re pumped!”

The party was still going strong when the clock struck midnight, which is a really good sign for an LA advertising event. Over 600 people were in attendance, and it looked like everybody would be going home with a smile on their face. But nobody was smiling brighter than David Angelo, for very good reason. It was a tough job covering this party for our ihaveanidea friends, but we were glad we were the ones that had to do it. Thanks to David&Goliath, and here’s to another ten years!




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