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The Advertising & Design Club of Canada “Directions 2009″

Posted on November 16, 2009 and read 2,841 times

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ericfloresca The Advertising & Design Club of Canada Directions 2009Eric Floresca
Account Executive
ihaveanidea Correspondent

2009 is the year of many milestones, and for the Advertising & Design Club of Canada it marks its diamond  60th anniversary. It’s time to take a look at how far the ADCC has come and marvel at the speed at which the entire advertising and design industry is moving, in Canada and across the globe. Given the upheaval over the past two years caused by the recession, the ADCC Awards was a chance to take a step back, raise a glass or two or three and cheer for great work.

The awards were presented by the ‘Pirate’ himself, Terry O’Reilly. Terry took us all the way back to 1949, a year of firsts not just for the ADCC but for the world. The Emmy Awards were in their infancy, ‘the Boss’ Bruce Springsteen was born, George Orwell’s 1984 was published, and in advertising, a man named David Ogilvy started his own agency.

Winning memories was born out of this milestone where 75 of the best creative minds reflect on what winning means to them; the challenge, hope and thrill of standing there in front of friends and colleagues, and being recognized for their work. You can see the results of this effort right here. 

The honour of the Les Usherwood Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed to Barbara Klunder, an illustrator, painter and mixed media artist with International acclaim. Her art has a unique voice and has often fused illustration and world play in unique ways. Many of her illustrations held a story waiting to be discovered, and it only seems fitting that she bookmark the 60th Directions annual when her father Dick Bradley was placed in its first.

The Michael O’Reilly Best Copywriting Award — named after Terry’s legendary late brother — went to Jonathan Careless, Gerald Schoenhoff and Rick Kemp of Grey Canada for “Barbell” for the Special Olympics. Ontario College of Art & Design student Loretta Lau winning from OCAD winning for the Terminal for the Student Competition for ‘The Terminal’

This was a night where aspiring designers and experienced pros, writers, Illustrators and musicians marvelled at some of the best work of the year. For them it was a chance to connect with a creative fire that was fuelled in part by by the drinks flowing all night long.

As I took a look at the actual annual produced for Directions 2009, I could not help but want to look for ads that stood out from the others in the book. I quickly came to realize that there were no standouts; all the ads within the pages of the annual were  extraordinary, bound for posterity for another sixty years.

For students attending this was an entirely different ballgame. Students from Senaca, OCAD and most of the colleges descended on the evening coveting an award or two and the chance to see what it was like on the other side.Alessandro Würgler, a student who attended the awards said that the ADCC has great programs to help young talent break into the business. He said the awards were a great chance to meet with the best the industry has to offer and “set your goals and tell yourself that the following year you want to be the one who is standing in front of the audience holding the award. Alessandro will remember sitting in the audience and feeling the ads that won the gold awards sending shivers down his back. At the party he had a great time and many a moment to remember with friends that one day will become colleagues in the same industry that we all love.

So after the lights went out and the bar had served its last drink Directions 2009 will be remembered as a night of celebration of great work, a commemoration of everything that has come before and a anticipation of what will happen next. It is about where the industry is going, the next direction it will take and how great ideas will help take us there.




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