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Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, Bluetoothin

Posted on July 29, 2009 and read 3,647 times

Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, Bluetoothin thumbnail

…and other new ways Advertisers are connecting with consumers.

davidneumanncredit Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, BluetoothinDavid Neumann
Emerging Tech Specialist

The days when a campaign would consist of a TV spot, print ad and a fancy flashy micro site are over.  These days, brands are everywhere on TV, print, radio, websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and iPhone applications – and that’s just on a slow day. In this article we’re going to go through a general overview of a few new ways advertisers are reaching their audience.

This article is broken down into two parts.  First we’re going to tackle Twitter, and while it is primarily a web based tool for now, the ability to receive Tweets via SMS can be a very powerful marketing tool.  Then we’re going to go through a few different flavours of mobile advertising. I’m sure there are over 31, but we’ll stick to 6 that are being used all over the world. This article is not meant to showcase the campaigns used as examples, but rather show the variety of different mobile techniques used by brands to deliver their message.

Once you’ve gone through all the different example uses of Twitter and mobile advertising, it will give you a clearer picture of current trends and hopefully spark some creativity about how to explore even better ideas and uses of mobile technology for your clients.

twitterlogo 150x150 Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, BluetoothinTwitter

For those of you who don’t know what Twitter is, here is the simple rundown. Twitter is an online service that enables you to broadcast short messages to your friends or “followers.” It also lets you specify which Twitter users you want to follow so you can read their messages in one place. Twitter is designed to work on a mobile phone as well as on a computer. All Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters.

Twitter from an advertising perspective is all about conversations with your customers – or inbound marketing – where your customers actively seek out your brand.  When you Twitter about your company, product or service, you’re increasing your brand exposure, public relations, rapid updates and FAQ’s for your customers without any third party opinion or biases.  Here are a few examples of these in action: – Woot is an online retailer that sells an item on sale everyday, therefore, they tweet their latest deal everyday. It’s an effective way for them to advertise and catch the attention of customers without spending any money. Woot’s deals are so great that they have people who have proactively signed up for the updates. So, let’s do some math based on Woot’s stats.  It’s free for Woot to Tweet and they reach 975,645 followers.  Not too bad! – Pepsi’s Twitter account is trying to target the youth market with a more “youthful” slang and laid back approach. A few Pepsi employees are in charge of tweeting messages and they give info about the brand, updates, answer questions and throw in a few links to their favourite infomercials. – Whole Foods is Twitter marketer focused on a mature audience and so they use Twitter differently. Whole Foods uses Twitter more for the FAQ aspects to answer consumers health questions, but also throws in a few recipes and helpful nutritional tips.


It has been said that currently mobile phones outnumber TV sets by 2 to 1 and internet users almost 3 to 1. It was also projected that by the end of 2008 there were 4 billion mobile devices in use.  With statistics like these, this is a market that can’t be ignored.  But what exactly is mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising is a broad name that basically encompasses any sort of marketing or advertising done on a mobile device. It is a mix of inbound marketing (customers seeking content) and also more traditional outbound marketing (brands that are looking for customers).

Here are a few examples of what people are currently trying with mobile. Some might work better than others, but since mobile is such a new advertising medium, it’s a lot of hit and miss and experimenting going on.

dockersapp 150x150 Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, BluetoothinDocker’s shakin iPhone app

Type of advertising: Context Awareness Ad

Synopsis: For those who have never heard about this new type of advertising, check out this article. It’s a bit of a shameless plug.  Docker’s have used the iPhone’s motion-sensitive functionality to create an interactive ad named “Shakedown 2 Get Down.” The Ad is embedded into iPhone games, and when prompted the user can shake their iPhone to make the dancer on the screen dance.

Advantages: It spices up the idea of a banner ad, making it much more interactive and engaging to the user.

Disadvantages: This type of technology only works on sophisticated smart phones and certain laptops and it is costly to develop.

Full article:

kraftapp 150x150 Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, BluetoothinKraft iFood Assistant

Type of advertising:
Branded Application

Synopsis: Kraft has come out with an application called iFood Assistant, and you’ve probably guessed it, it’s for the iPhone. The application has over 7000 recipes, and they are searchable by many different types of criteria. Each recipe includes step by step instructions and some even include how-to videos. You can save recipes and create your own cookbook. You can also browse recipes on your computer from a Kraft website, save them and then sync them to your phone.

Once you have found a recipe you wish to try, the application creates an itemized list of all the ingredients required, and if you don’t have the ingredients at home, there is also a store locater to help find the closest grocery store.

Advantages: By creating an application that provides useful tools for cooking, it allows Kraft to become a trusted cooking partner with the user.  The application is branded by Kraft, includes a special Kraft website, uses Kraft products as ingredients and suggests grocery stores that stock Kraft products.

Disadvantages: The application is only available on the iPhone and this brand still has only a fairly small percentage of the total market for mobile devices.

Full article:

deltaapp 150x150 Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, BluetoothinDelta (Airline) Mobile Website

Type of advertising:
Mobile Website (WAP/XHTML)

Synopsis: Delta (Airline) has built a small, simple web site that allows traveling passengers to check their flight status, schedules, book trips, etc…

Advantages: It allows users with any type of mobile device with internet access to retrieve information about their flights without being in front of their computer. This is very handy for checking flight delays for passengers on the way to the airport.

Disadvantages: Users need a phone that supports a WAP or mobile web browser and a decent data plan.

Full article:

honda 150x150 Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, BluetoothinWake the Beast – Honda

Type of advertising:
SMS to Billboard

Synopsis: A billboard was set up in Dublin, Ireland where people passing by could text the number displayed on the billboard to activate the poster. Once the poster was activated, it started releasing actual smoke from the cars exhaust pipes with the rear lights switching on too!  The user would then receive a txt message with a link to a special mobile site to learn more about the car. 

Very simple for users to operate and has an instant effect in a very large public space.  The brand is also able to push more content to the user after the initial engagement.

Can be very expensive to do.

Full article:

Powerade Uses Bluetooth To Engage Cyclists

Type of advertising:
Proximity Marketing

Powerade event staff walked around the grounds of a cycling competition with portable Bluetooth content devices encouraging cyclists to download the content to their phones.  Users only had to be a few feet away from the event staff in order to download branded content including coupons, ring tones and wallpapers. Everyone who downloaded the content was entered into a contest for a prize. In order to see if you won, you had to bring your mobile device to the Powerade booth and have the coupon scanned.

Advantages: Everyone loves free stuff and for those who are tech savvy, downloading to your phone through Bluetooth is a fairly fast and easy process.  For Powerade, it puts their branded content onto your device and for those who want to see if they won it also brings them into the Powerade POS area, exposing the cyclist even more to the Powerade brand.

Disadvantages: Not every phone is Bluetooth enabled, and because of potential security issues, some phones have problems with Bluetooth.  Also for those users who aren’t very tech savvy, it could be difficult for them to download the content.

Full article:

mazda 150x150 Tweetin, Txtin, Shakin, Downloadin, BluetoothinMazda 3 Magazine Ad

Type of advertising:
QR Codes

Synopsis: Mazda included QR codes on their Mazda 3 ads in a European car magazine.  Users could either scan the QR code right away or text to a number to receive QR code scanning software which they needed to download and to scan the QR code.  Once the code was scanned, users were taken to a special campaign site on their mobile devices.

For those of you not familiar with what QR codes are, here is a great link explaining them.

Advantages: QR code technology allows brands to offer more content to consumers through any printed visual medium.

Disadvantages: Most phones do not come installed with QR code scanning software. Downloading this software can be difficult and at times will discourage many consumers from participating.

Full article:

David Neumann is a freelance emerging technologies specialist based in Toronto. He has worked on both sides of the ocean with clients such as Mercedes Benz, RIM, and Evian. Reach him at




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