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Crea 2009

Posted on April 14, 2009 and read 1,751 times

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The Crea Awards, the yearly local Quebec award show organised by Infopresse, are always guaranteed to be a lot of fun. This year, none other than Erik Vervroegen was acting as the jury’s co-president with Sid Lee’s Creative Chief Philippe Meunier. We managed to get a hold of them both when Erik was in Montreal for the judging. If you haven’t watched that piece yet, it’s this way

One of the interesting things I found about the way awards were handed out for each category is that there are no gold, silver or bronze distinction. You either win an award, or you don’t, with each category having its own grand prix.

The show itself was pretty fun. Much of the usual. People going up and down on stage to receive their awards, and sometimes uttering some pretty funny speeches. I saw plenty of pretty good work I wasn’t familiar with, even though I live in Montreal. I probably need to watch more TV.

This year, The Grand Crea had to be shared. Sid Lee’s much acclaimed, star studded Adidas Originals campaign, had to share the glory with ‘Jeu’, a campaign to prevent compulsive gambling by lg2 done for the Ministry of Health and Social Services. That’s right. A multi-million dollar campaign for an international client shared the spotlight with a PSA for a government account.

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Here are some of my favourite winners:

The idea behind ‘Jeu’ was to vilify the face cards with the characters forcing compulsive gamblers to borrow money, lie or abandon their families. Basically to keep digging a hole for themselves, while they should be seeking help. The campaign had three TV executions, but also carried on to different media. One of the executions I really like was the poster campaign. They used lenticular effects to have a child’s picture replaced by one of the face cards depending on where you stood. You can have a look at the whole campaign here, but a friendly DISCLAIMER to all our strictly anglo readers, it is in French. Treat it as Cannes practice.

‘Cheese Grater’, a billboard from TAXI’s Montreal office showed a pretty clever use of the media. I thought it was a pretty eye catching campaign for an otherwise boring product. Self explanatory really.

The Volkswagen TV spots by the recently renamed Palm+Havas (formerly Palm Arnold) were also rewarded. They show how Volkswagen cars can be a perfect match of power, environment, or clean design. The casting for this is spot on. The parallel between the actors and the car’s features really stand out. Also, they shot it on the beach, which must have been a nice bonus during those long, and oh so cold Montreal winters.

So, that was what caught my eyes at the Creas this year. Many thanks to Infopresse for letting me sneak a peak and for throwing out a great event again.

To see all the winners.

To see pictures of the night.

Rafik Belmesk
Operations, AKOS




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