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The 2009 Cassie Awards

Posted on February 4, 2009 and read 3,881 times

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The Cassies are Canada’s advertising award show dedicated to recognizing, rewarding and improving the business effectiveness of advertising. The event this year was held in conjunction with Canada’s first Advertising Week, a multi-tiered conference attended by greats such as Richard Branson, Chuck Porter and an entire Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends.

Tuesday saw the coming together of great creative minds for the “Advertising in the Age of Creativity” conference featuring high profile heads like, the sought after architect Clive Wilkinson, esteemed, cyber click-stalker Bill Tancer of CNBC, quirky neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor, and Emily Hare of Contgious Magazine, a PDF based publication documenting trends in the global advertising movement.

The Cassie nominations echoed Chuck’s model for gaining capital in a failing economy. Ogilvy and Mather Toronto took the grand prix of the Cassie’s for the second year in a row with their low budget line extension campaign for “Diamond” Shreddies, while John St. dominated the upper awards echelons with multiple campaigns such as War Child’s ‘Camp Okutta’ (double gold, ‘Not For Profit’, ‘Small Budget’), Nexium ‘See What Can Happen’ (gold, Prescription Pharmaceuticals), Cashmere Bathroom Tissues (gold, Sustained Success) as well as a stream of silvers for goods like Tetley Green Tea, and Sponge Towels Paper Towels.

If not to further hearken the end of traditional advertising, Due North Communications earned two golds (Off To a Good Start, Best Use of Media) for their quirky five-second animated spots in the Building Milk Volume Five Seconds at a Time for the Dairy Farmers of Canada campaign. Following suite on the dairy front came Cossette’s Fromages d’ici’s campaign for la Federation des Producteurs de Lait du Quebec/The Federation of Dairy Producers of Quebec. The multi-personality program which gave personas and professions to favourite terroire cheeses garnered a gold and a silver ( Best Integrated, Off to a Good Start). Bos in Montreal took home a silver (Retail) for their campaign for the classic Quebecois food joint Rotisseries St-Hubert/St-Hubert’s chicken. Will their renewed popularity signify a return to the Ontario market? A meal like that can’t not be washed down with a tasty drink like Mott’s Clamato that earned JWT a silver (Best Insight) for their re-imagining of the typical beer and cottage scenario in their “When you see one, you want one” series.

And speaking of food and drinks, what’s an awards gala without a hearty meal to go with it? Avocado salad, stuffed Cornish hen, roasted veggies and bread pudding were served sandwiched between the compulsory pre/post award show cocktail sessions, where Toronto’s winning clients and industry members were invited to blow off some steam or stand around awkwardly in their respective circles snagging drinks and dressed-up wieners from passing waitresses.

For a complete list of the winners and more information click here.

Jesse Ship
ihaveanidea Correspondent
Arts Editor, Format Magazine

Photos by Karina Abramova, Agent Wildfire




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