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IHAVEANIDEA/D&AD Awards 2008 North American Tour

Posted on November 24, 2008 and read 3,114 times

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‘Three Weeks, Seven Cities, And The Best Creative Work Of The Land.’

While we didn’t paraphrase our longtime Portfolio Night tagline in promoting the recent D&AD screenings, perhaps we could have. After all, D&AD is well known for awarding only the best of the best in advertising and design, and there was no way we could contain such an event to one lonely city.

First up on the first ever D&AD North American Tour, Montreal… which really doesn’t require a recap, as we covered this night so eloquently right here.


image0021 150x150 IHAVEANIDEA/D&AD Awards 2008 North American TourThe next stage of the North American Tour brought us to the Windy City, where Chicago heavyweights Leo Burnett and Energy BBDO helped us put on a fantastic evening for all. Held at the Lakeshore Theater and with a raucous booze and schmooze at nearby Wilde’s Pub, the screening brought together many of Chicago’s elite creative talents, as well as many students eagerly anticipating breaking into the business.

image0061 150x150 IHAVEANIDEA/D&AD Awards 2008 North American TourSpeaking of students, we would be remiss to not mention the student volunteers who helped make the Chicago screening a success. Who else would have the cojones to invade Chicago ad agencies dressed as the Queen’s Guard! Thanks to Blase Mnich, Brenna Essary, Bryan Sundquist, Julie Glassman, Lizzy Davidson, Michael Griffith, Prashant Nashi, Sarah McCool, Tim Donakowski and Tucker Loosbrock for all your help!


nycimage0111 150x150 IHAVEANIDEA/D&AD Awards 2008 North American TourThe volunteers in New York City, the next city on our tour, had a much more difficult task at hand. Manhattan has many, many more agencies, and many of them reside in office towers, where security doesn’t take too kindly to costumed visitors. So our team of Abhilasha Sinha, Eric Lee and Jennifer Li decided to put their talents to use on this cool video. See, not every great idea requires a big budget… just a pencil.

The New York screening was also a hit, with Atmosphere BBDO and our perennial partner Black Bag making it all come together. And the bottomless alcohol at the crazy Evolve Lounge after-party made it all fall apart.


torimga00091 150x150 IHAVEANIDEA/D&AD Awards 2008 North American TourAfter D&AD took Manhattan, the next stop on the tour was the birthplace of ihaveanidea, Toronto, Canada. Torontonians know better than anybody that an ihaveanidea event equals good times, and we were more than pleased with several hundred people filling the Bloor Cinema to enjoy the D&AD reel. Black Bag was back on board to make sure we were able to pull it off, and Steam Whistle supplied more than enough free premium pilisner at the after party across the street.

torimga00241 150x150 IHAVEANIDEA/D&AD Awards 2008 North American TourHelping to get the word out about the Toronto screening was another creative group of young volunteers. Thanks to Amy Jacobs, Christina Markham, Iris Bagola, Jesse Ship, Joseph Siu, Michael Estabalaya, Omid Amidi, Silvia Drugea, and Tina Vahn, who ambushed the Toronto agencies in a get-up that would make Cadbury Dairy Milk (a Black Pencil winner) proud. In addition, Arman Naji and Elliot Vredenburg created this print ad for the event.

Ronnie Lebow, esteemed freelancer and longtime ihaveanidea fan, even wrote about the night on his blog right here.


The San Francisco D&AD Screening team, made up of Brian Freia, Chris Ryan, Jeremy Belk, Vidur Raswant and Zoe Munson, decided they didn’t have to actually go inside the various agencies to get attention. Instead, the team staked out San Fran shops who DIDN’T win D&AD Pencils and held vigils outside their doors. You can see their efforts over here.

While the San Francisco screening had the smallest turnout of the tour, everybody who attended had a fantastic time. An ihaveanidea forum participant left his two cents in this post on our site.


miamidad halo sm1 IHAVEANIDEA/D&AD Awards 2008 North American TourThe final two D&AD screenings brought us to two sunny locales: Miami Beach and Los Angeles. In Miami, the team of Oscar Castañeda, Said Fayad, Claudia Camargo
and Jeana Rivera did a fantastic job of not only reaching out to the city’s mainstream shops, but the Latin market agencies as well. The end result: a huge party with everybody celebrating great creative work… and free flowing beverages.

miamidad lacomu2 sm1 IHAVEANIDEA/D&AD Awards 2008 North American TourOver in the City of Angels, the screening and after party was presided over by our good friends at David&Goliath. If you’ve been following our site earlier this year, you’ll know that David&Goliath really know how to put on a party… and this was no exception. The final party of the D&AD North American Tour was held at the Tanzore Lounge in Beverly Hills, with fine Indian cuisine and an open bar to wash it all down with.


It was evident from our tour that everyone had a fantastic time, both at the screenings and the parties that followed each one. We hope that everyone in attendance was not only entertained, but also inspired to produce creative work worth of a D&AD Pencil. A number of attendees weren’t familiar with D&AD before this tour, and a few others were under the misconception that it’s a strictly British show; an extremely high caliber award that you have to be able to sing God Save The Queen in order to win. Yes, it is indeed a top notch award, and yes, some Brits covet it more than even a Gold Lion. But D&AD prides itself on being truly international, with more work being entered from North America with each passing year, and an American and Canadian judging panel that reflects this. For all the info you need on entering the 2009 D&AD Awards (and perhaps have your work star in NEXT year’s screenings) click here.

Brett McKenzie
Chief Writer/SBN2




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