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ihaveanidea/D&AD Awards Screening 2008: Montreal

Posted on October 22, 2008 and read 1,496 times

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2008 has been a pretty busy year for us at ihaveanidea in regards to our relationship with our friends at D&AD. We traveled to London this past April, to give everyone an in-depth look at the intense judging process for the D&AD 2008 Awards. We returned to the UK a month later to witness the fruits of the ad world’s labour at the actual award show. And on the heels of Cannes, we went back to London Towne to cover New Blood 2008, the weeklong event and awards show just for students.

While all the transatlantic travel has been cool, we figured it was about time to do something with D&AD on this side of the planet. After all, D&AD might have its roots in Britain, but it doesn’t mean everything they do has to take place in the land of Mary Poppins and afternoon tea, especially when the number of international judges, entries and winners have been growing each year. So with that in mind, ihaveanidea has brought the D&AD Awards Screening to North America for the very first time, and we’ve done it the only way we at ihaveanidea know how: with raucous revelry, schmoozin’ and boozin’ ™.

The first stop on the North American tour took place last night in the grand old city of Montreal. Now those in the know might be aware of the fact that we at ihaveanidea have been moving our headquarters from Toronto to Montreal. Geographically speaking, it’s not as big of a change as, say Miami FL to Boulder, CO. But the culture, the lifestyle, and of course the language, are very, very different. And while we’ve thrown many events back home in “T-Dot”, the D&AD Screening was sort of a “coming out” party for D&AD AND ourselves in “La belle province.”

The screening took place at the Ex-Centris, a beautifully modern theatre on Montreal’s famous boulevard Saint-Laurent. Although the night was cold and drizzly, it didn’t stop more than 200 of the city’s advertising and design professionals from coming to enjoy the festivities. Once the crowd was settled in, the night started with a hearty welcome by Stephanie Pellicer, ihaveanidea’s Events Director and native Montrealer, who had no trouble communicating with the audience en français. Stephanie passed the mic onto Ignacio (if you don’t know who he is, you really don’t visit this site too often!). Ignacio dazzled the crowd with his bilingual skills – although I think in the French segments he had a little fun at Toronto’s expense. Wrapping up the intros was Rob Eves, Deputy Director of the D&AD Awards, who trekked all the way from London to kick off the North American tour.

The screening itself went off without a hitch, with the audience thoroughly applauding the D&AD Award winners. And while there were ads that you just knew would be represented in the show (“Gorilla” for instance), the screening had plenty of surprises and a very wide swath of different media, from virals to mobile advertising to direct marketing.

The good vibes continued immediately afterward, as we all headed down to Koko, a trendy nightspot a few steps away from the theatre. While enjoying a drink or seven, we made plenty of new friends in the Montreal ad community, and kept the party going for several more hours. We even got Rob from D&AD to try that most famous of Montreal delicacies… poutine!

So all in all, the first leg of the D&AD Awards 2008 North American Tour was a huge success! We’d love to send a big thanks to all of the ad people who came out last night, and an even bigger thanks to the evening sponsors, Zulu Films (who also edited the screening video) and Boris Beer (who made sure our hands and mouths were always occupied and refreshed at the afterparty.)

Next stop on the tour… Chicago!

Brett McKenzie
Chief Writer/SBN2




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