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ihaveanidea’s Summer Vacation, Aka Video Cameras And Alcohol: Hindsight Is 20/20

Posted on September 11, 2008 and read 1,662 times

ihaveanidea’s Summer Vacation, Aka Video Cameras And Alcohol: Hindsight Is 20/20 thumbnail

Ah September, the last vestiges of a beloved season. Gone are the days when a short sleeve shirt is adequate for evenings. They have been replaced by bleary-eyed young kids shuffling off to school to learn the three Rs. The “reading” and “rithmetic” is cool and all, but as a copywriter, I’ve always had an affinity for the “riting” part of the academic trinity, especially that popular September essay assignment “What I did On Summer Vacation.” Now we at ihaveanidea don’t really know the meaning of the word “vacation” but we do tend to get a little crazier in the summer. And when the video camera is out, decorum tends to fall by the wayside. So with that in mind, may I present a brief glimpse of the ihaveanidea summer.


As all of our readers know, the biggest day on the ihaveanidea calendar is Portfolio Night, and this year, our sixth installment, was a global success. There’s no need for us to go into all of the details (especially since you can see all the videos and photos right here) but needless to say, after months of preparation and nearly 35,000 miles in air travel during the week of the event, let’s just say we were ready to let our hair down this summer.

Well, not quite. Immediately after Portfolio Night 6, Mimi and Jay, who were already on the opposite side of the Atlantic, had an opportunity to check out D&AD Awards 2008 in merry olde England. It’s one of the most prestigious advertising awards on the planet – how many people do you know who have won one of their Black Pencils? – and as the video can attest, D&AD knows how to put on a great show. Stay tuned to ihaveanidea in the coming days to see how we’ll be bringing a taste of D&AD to North America verrrrry soon.


After that slice of chaos, it was really time for us to relax. And what better way to kick back and take our mind off of advertising than to gather up half the team and head over to Cannes, where thousands of other ad people aren’t thinking about advertising either? Yep, Ignacio, Mimi, Jay and myself hit the Cannes Lions. Now Ignacio and I are seasoned Cannes “veterans” with reputations to uphold – well, a reputation for wild outfits, amazing dance moves and for full bottles of the hard stuff at the Gutter Bar. Mimi has also been before, but this year we were there to help Jay break his Cannes Lions virginity.

And we got a lot of it on tape.

First up, a video of a legend far surpassing any of the ad guys kicking around the Carlton terrace. Corbis, the experts in images and ihaveanidea supporters, have been putting on small-scale, invite only concerts at the festival for a few years now. Last year we got to check out John Legend. This year, we witnessed someone much bigger than him… the incomparable Tony Bennett.

The daytime parties here in Cannes tend to be a little more subdued than the ones that take place when the sun goes down. But when you mix ihaveanidea with the motley crew from the Barbarian Group at the rooftop Goodby Silverstein & Partners shindig, even the most laidback affairs can be a little off-kilter. Here’s a rather spontaneous interview with Benjamin Palmer, Barbarian Group’s CEO.

Sports Illustrated doesn’t have a monopoly on swimsuit editions. ihaveanidea hit the sandy beaches of Cannes to get a little sun and surf. And while Mimi was pretty adamant about not being filmed in her bikini, well, we worked with what we had.

After all the awards were handed out, there was one debated that still raged on. Which party was the best one that week? Was it the Publicis booze-fest? The Y&R one? The rooftop Yahoo! gala? The crazy Hakuhodo party with bottomless sushi? MassiveMusic’s gathering with all the seven foot tall Dutch people? Perhaps it was one of the two behemoths, DDB and Leo Burnett who always battle it out for wildest Friday night party. Or maybe it’s just the nightly assortment of drunkards at the Gutter Bar.

Whatever the answer is, we at ihaveanidea went to every single one of those and caught all the evidence on film.

So that was pretty much the ihaveanidea summer. It took a very long time to get the sand out of our nether regions, and as soon as that was done, we went back to work on a number of different projects that we’ll be revealing in the coming days, weeks and months. What will they be? Now, now, that would ruin the surprises, but suffice to say there will be new stories, new ideas… all operating from an expansive new office in Old Montreal.

Stay tuned!

Brett McKenzie
Chief Writer/SBN2




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