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A Very Brave Party

Posted on July 8, 2008 and read 2,758 times

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When David&Goliath shifted their branding last month, becoming the “Brave” agency, we at ihaveanidea were on the guest list. Unfortunately 3000 miles is a bit of a journey for a single night of debauchery, so we had Rebecca Hekmat Ravan and Aiko Alegria, two young local art directors, check it out on our behalf. Here’s their report. And now we’re kicking ourselves for not making the trip!

Wow, we can honestly say that David&Goliath went all out! It started with swanky valet parking and their very own red carpet leading to their offices, and only the people that were “cool” enough to be on the list could get in. The party was scheduled for 7:00 PM; we thought we were arriving early by getting there by 6:40, but it was already happening! People were dressed to impress, and fun and play were oozing from the entire office. Rebecca Halusic, David&Goliath’s Creative Manager, was our guide and host for the evening.

As the night unfolded, we noticed a roller derby girl. Rebecca told us that everyone has another life outside of work, and that roller derby girl was actually Heather Hamilton the IT manager. Never would have guessed she was into it!

We spoke with David Angelo, D&G’s founder, CCO and Chairman for a bit, and he could see that we were in full reporter mode, being quite serious. He paused the conversation at one point, telling us “make sure you have fun tonight. Don’t work so hard!” We definitely intended to take him up on his sound advice!

One of the first things we discovered was a wall that at first glance appeared to be mere photos but were actually individual collages created by each of the employees. This gallery of work was called the Goliath Wall, and each collage represented each employee’s personal “Goliath” a big obstacle in their life they needed to overcome. It was really inspiring and honest, and kinda made us want to sneak a collage of our own up there. Our host Rebecca would not say which one was hers; even her husband was trying to figure it out!

The whole theme of the night was about being Brave. A sign reading “DO WHAT YOU FEAR, WATCH IT DISAPPEAR” invited the guests to participate in all the different activities set up in six different rooms, each one based off of very common fears.

Room #1. Fear of snakes.

This mysterious room featured a snake handler with three baskets of snakes. Guests were encouraged to enter and get some one-on-one time with the reptiles. Unfortunately this was one fear that would have to be put on hold; Aiko froze and nearly screamed in
the middle of walking by!

Room #2. Fear of commitment.

One of David&Goliath’s conference rooms was converted to a big speed-dating lounge, where men and women face their fears and get to know each other.

Room #3. Fear of the mic.

We’re not sure how big of a fear this is, since everyone loves a little karaoke once they’ve had a few drinks to steel their nerves. Nevertheless, there was a karaoke room… and more than a few drinks available.

Room #4. Fear of the future.

Do you really want to know what awaits you in the future, or would you rather be surprised? It appears that many people choose the former, as there were long lines to meet with fortunetellers and soothsayers, giving people glimpses into their lives ahead.

Room #5. Fear of the truth.

This one was our personal favorite. There were two rooms for this one. In the first room guests were attached to a lie detector and questioned, The questions could be about anything, including “do you wash your hands after you use the restroom?” “As an adult, have you ever peed in the pool?” “Do you still have feelings for an ex?” “Would you marry someone for money?” While that person was being questioned, the session and results of the test was being broadcast into a different room. Anybody – even your significant other – could be in the room watching, and the person taking the test would have no idea who would be in the other room at the time.

Room #6. Fear of the spotlight.

This room presented anyone with an opportunity to express themselves with a speech or performance, provided you did it in front of an audience of party guests.

Of course not everything was about facing your fears, unless you had a phobia for great food and drink, of which there was plenty.

The David&Goliath Brave party also brought out a few celebrities. “Entourage” star Debi Mazar was in attendance with her husband Gabriele Corcos. Debi and Gabriele are both good friends of David Angelo, and were taking time off of their cooking show “Under the Tuscan Gun” to show their support and perhaps face their own fears.

Another familiar face was in the crowd was none other than the esteemed actor Ron Jeremy. We introduced ourselves and chatted with the legend for a while, and as we were speaking, another guest comes over and says, “Ron, I just want to congratulate you on all your hard work”. I think he was pleased.

All in all, the party was a tremendous success. There were people all over the place, having fun, eating, drinking, dancing, talking and having the time of their lives. David Angelo addressed the crowd and said, “Now that we are a 100 people agency, we must define who and what we are about, because we’re big enough that we can start to suck!” On a slightly more serious note, he added “We’re pretty happy. We have amazing clients that we love to work with, and we felt like it was time to stop and define which way we want to be heading.”

If this Brave party is any indication, David&Goliath are definitely going to be doing some great things in the future, and making an impact, in Los Angeles and beyond.

Rebecca Hekmat Ravan
Art Director

LA Correspondent

Aiko Alegria
Art Director

LA Correspondent




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