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Ad Celebrity Book List: Frank Palmer

Posted on September 12, 2007 and read 2,571 times

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The city of Vancouver is famous for its breathtaking mountain-meets-ocean scenery, an outdoorsy attitude and for having one Starbucks outlet for every twelve people. In the ad world, Vancouver is a city where some of the best ads in North America and the world have been created. And if one person could take credit for putting this city on the creative map, that person would be Frank Palmer, CEO of DDB Canada.

With over 40 years in the advertising industry, Frank is truly one of the legends of the game. By assembling the most phenomenal talent they could find, he transformed his agency, Palmer Jarvis Advertising, into what is now an integral part of the DDB worldwide network. A painter, a philanthropist and a champion of great advertising, you’d have to wonder how Frank finds the time to read any books. Nevertheless, we cornered Frank and asked him what’s been taking up space on his bookshelf of late.

Madison & Vine
by Scott Donaton
Love the way that Scott nails the problems with the Entertainment and Advertising Industries. He’s not afraid to be outspoken and tell it the way that it is.
Out of date and running out of time. He has his finger on the pulse, while a slow beating one. He’s always one step ahead and I enjoy that.

Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age
by Tom Peters
Tom addresses today’s new business order in a very unique and different way. He makes you think in very different ways and challenges us to take different roads to resolving problems that just might turn out to be bigger opportunities?

An Inconvenient Truth
by Al Gore
Most likely today’s most read about topic. The Global Environment issue of major concern and of mayor interest to me and now DDB. DDB has made the commitment to practice being a better Environmental Corporate Company. We are going to fight to make the planet a better place to live through our example.

By Herb Kelleher
The first business book that has the work FUN all through it. It really is the book that every entrepreneur should take the time to read. This president of Southwest Airlines built a thriving business, treated his employees with respect and had a ton of fun building a very successful airline while the others were failing.

Built to Last
By James C, Collins and Jerry I. Porras
If you want to find out what separates the great or exceptional companies from the average, read this book. I liked the way the authors were able provide insight and inspiration in the business examples they gave.

Life is like a Taxi Ride
by J.Lyman MacInnis
A very simple book about business “wisdom’s” The short stories about almost any topic give you a look into solving some of the issues or problems in both your business and personal life. It’s a quick read, but one the you will read many times over.

Keeping the Edge / Giving customers the service they demand
by Dick Schaaf
In any business we must always remember that the customer is still king. In the Advertising Business we always talk about creative being the product. While it might be, we are still very much in the service industry. We must be in the relationship building business and this book helps us remember that.

by Jack Welsh
Loved the way in which Jack can tell a story about leaders and how to pick them. Strong words, blunt, optimistic and to the point. If you have a passion to win, go out and get this book now.

small is the new big
by Seth Godin
Great book to keep on the edge of your desk. Seth talks about business in a very simple and common sense way. The book is full of challenges. Challenges that make you think. If you are happy with status quo, don’t buy this book as it might get you off of your lazy ass.

Here’s Johnny
by Ed McMahon
In my opinion, the last really great late night talk show host. There was almost never a night that I didn’t stay up to watch this performer work his magic. The book just tells stories about the life of Johnny Carson. A funny read.




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