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Ad Celebrity Book List: Chris Staples

Posted on April 6, 2007 and read 1,491 times

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Chris Staples is the founder and creative director of Rethink in Vancouver, one of North America’s most celebrated creative shops. Before turning Rethink into the award-amassing agency it is today, Chris was the creative director of DDB Canada Vancouver (formerly PJDDB)… basically helping turn that place into the award amassing agency it is today.

Rethink is just moving into a spacious office less susceptible to condo developer wrecking balls. We asked Chris as he packed all his stuff into cardboard boxes which ten books will he be putting up on his brand new bookshelf.

City of Glass
by Douglas Coupland
A stylish valentine to my Vancouver hometown written by one its biggest fans—Generation X author Douglas Copeland.

Me Talk Pretty One Day
by David Sedaris
If Will Rogers was gay and neurotic, he might sound something like David Sedaris. This collection of short stories should be required reading for anyone faced with writing radio scripts. You hear Sedaris’ authentic voice in every paragraph.

Life of Pi
by Yann Martel
Life, death, love and the meaning of life—with a twist at the end that recasts the whole novel in a new light. This sweet fable about a boy and a tiger trapped in a lifeboat will stay with you for years.

by Augusten Burroughs
This memoir follows the decline and fall of an ad copy writer battling substance abuse. The humour here is extra black, with several great stories on advertising, including the hilarious birth of a Junior Mints campaign-from-hell.

The Line of Beauty
by Alan Hollinghurst
Over the past twenty years, gay fiction has come out from the shadows and garnered mainstream exposure—and accolades. This novel set in Thatcherite England is probably the best of the bunch– beautifully crafted, with a poignant lesson on the perils of fitting in at all costs.

Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This
by Luke Sullivan
I’ve read a lot of ad books over the years, but this is the only one I’ve used in client meetings. Sullivan’s chapter on research should be required reading for every research-crazed account planner or left-brained client.

An Incomplete Education
by Judy Jones and William Wilson
Everything you should have learned in college but forgot, delivered in a funny, irreverent style that makes even the driest topics fascinating.

Blue Heaven
by Joe Keenan
Screwball comedy is a hard style to master—in movies, ads, and especially prose. Keenan succeeds brilliantly with a story about a self-absorbed couple who decide to get married simply for the gifts.

Don’t sweat the small stuff
by Richard Carlson
Yes, it’s a cheesy self-help book. But I have to confess I remind myself of its lessons almost daily. A century from now, no one will care who won 6 Gold Lions or who had the Nike account. Advertising is the very definition of small stuff.

The God Delusion
by Richard Dawkins
The biggest problem facing mankind isn’t global warming, it’s religious fundamentalism. This book will make a non-believer out of you.




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