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Ad Celebrity Book List: Ted Royer

Posted on February 3, 2007 and read 1,572 times

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In his first year in the ad business, he won more One Show Pencils than anyone else at his level. Ever. The was the youngest CD to ever sit on Ogilvy’s creative council. And now he’s Executive Creative Director of the innovative Droga5. But Ted Royer can’t possibly be that busy. I mean, how does he find time to be such a prolific reader? While we recently chatted with Ted about his career, we asked him what books he likes to read when he should be making ads or something.

God is Not Great
by Christopher Hitchens
This book made me feel brave for being an Atheist. And helped me realize that we need to challenge religions, not just roll over and accept them. This, along with “Letter To A Christian Nation” should be read by everyone who professes unquestioning faith to a church or faith.

Empires on the Pacific
by Robert Smith Thompson
The most engaging account of the Pacific War I’ve ever read. In fact , I could write a top ten WWII books, but that would get boring. Still, this is the best.

The Sandman Series
by Neil Gaiman
The best comics I’ve ever read. Classics. Just edges out Watchmen and From Hell, but it’s close. I would have put Planetary on here as well, but the ending sucked.

A Day In The Life
by Mark Hertsgaard
A great song by song analysis of the Beatles work. Tells you the inspiration and production story behind their work. Perfect for a fan of the Beatles who, like me, doesn’t want to read about Yoko or the Maharishi or any of that nonsense.

A Short History of Nearly Everything
by Bill Bryson
Every few pages I would literally have to stop and put the book down so I could absorb the mind-blowing facts that I just read. Should be required reading for high school students.

by Matthew Beaumont
An Advertising book! And sadly, the only one on this list I could possibly have written. But my version wouldn’t have been nearly as funny.

The Elephant Vanishes
by Haruki Murakami
Short stories. Scary. Trippy. Cool.

Easy Riders and Raging Bulls
by Peter Biskind
Fantastic stories and wonderful dirty insider stories on the 70’s film makers. Read it on a beach, or at Cannes. You’ll love it.

High Fidelity
by Nick Hornby
A tired choice, I know, but find me a better, more recognizable, more insightful look inside a 30 year old man’s mind and I’ll take this off.

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth
by Chris Ware
Ok, another graphic novel, but damn, this guy’s genius pours out from every page. An incredibly sad, inventive, hilarious, and deliriously inventive story. You’ll be amazed it’s the work of one guy.




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