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2006 NYC Clio Awards Screening

Posted on December 6, 2006 and read 5,687 times

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“So a white guy, a black guy and a Hispanic walk into a bar,” I nervously joke as Ignacio, Brendan and myself enter the Thirsty Scholar Pub on Second Ave. in New York’s East Village. After a long day of delayed flights, crazy cab rides, agency meetings and preparations with our partners at Clio Awards head office, we were only an hour or so away from the 2006 NYC Clio Awards screening. This was the first time ihaveanidea joined forces with the Clios in the Big Apple, and we needed a few laughs and a spot of liquid courage to ease those pre-show jitters.

Why the last minute nervousness? After all, the screening we did back home in Toronto was a huge success, and the after party filled a three storey pub, getting so wild that the neighbours called the cops. But the key in that previous sentence is “back home.” In Toronto, just about everybody knows us, and have checked out our many events, from Portfolio Nights to the summer long Afterwork Schmooze… and yes, that Neil French thing. But here in New York, we wondered if our smaller physical presence in the world’s largest advertising city would result in us playing to an empty theatre. So after a bite to eat and a quick “Salud!” we were off to the venue with our fingers crossed.

We needn’t have worried.

The 2006 New York City Clio Awards Screening was held at the historic Village East Cinema on an unseasonably mild November night, good news for the many people lined up around the corner for the show. Yes, it turned out that the screening would be showing to a pretty sizable gathering of art directors, writers, designers, students and just about anybody interested in celebrating great advertising. Armed with those First Light clappers that have become a staple of most ihaveanidea events, the crowd settled down to some introductions by Ami Brophy, Executive Director of the Clio Awards, and Becky Herman, Clio Awards Agency Relations Director. Becky held a draw for one lucky member of the audience to win a free passport to the 2007 Clio Awards in Miami Beach next May, and announced a second draw to be held at the after party.

When it came time for Ignacio to speak, he talked about celebrating great work and “changing the advertising industry”, two of his favourite topics. However this time Ignacio also mentioned a rather unique item that everybody in the audience would receive in their swag bags after the show: a baby evergreen tree. “This tree represents the industry we love, and it is in all of your hands not to let it wither and die,” said Ignacio. Attached to each tree was a small list of things people could do through ihaveanidea to help the industry flourish, both locally and globally.

The screening itself went smoothly. Of course the most ad rabid members of the audience had probably already seen many of the award winners, but that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the great collection of work from around the world and across the media. And I’m pretty sure nobody in New York had seen the little vignettes that were between the segments of the show before! Yeah, okay, maybe ‘Dry Humpers Canada’ needed to be put in proper context for our American cousins, but for the most part, they chuckled along with the skits just like the Canucks did.

The after party was held at the nearby Café Deville, where we pretty much spent the remainder of the evening socializing. The cool thing about this particular after party wasn’t just the atmosphere or the free drinks or the fact that the DJ played the full seven minutes of Tyrone Thomas’ “Seven Minutes of Funk” (although those certainly help). What really made the evening special is getting to meet all of the people who frequent ihaveanidea online, but until that evening we had never met them before. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to meet people and have them tell you that ihaveanidea helped them land a job, or made their portfolios better, or introduced them to local CWs and ADs to partner up with, or simply inspired them. Hell, I was beaming and I’m just the Chief Writer, SBN2; I can’t imagine how Ignacio felt to learn how his creation affected others.

Ami Brophy of the Clio Awards was quite pleased with the evening. “The event went extremely well. The turnout was good, and the work was well received. Of course the First Light clappers and ihaveanidea trees brought a lot of energy to the night. And to see everyone socializing and connecting at the after party really drove home the point that the advertising community is indeed alive and well in New York City.”

So what were Ignacio’s thoughts on the whole evening? “Everyone has a reason for attending a screening, whether it’s to be inspired, or to see the latest work being created in the industry,” says our leader. “To me, this screening serves us all as a night to remember why we got in the crazy world of advertising. And the reel we showed tonight was different. We included all types of work; TV, radio, print & Content & Contact. Advertising is not just about TV, and the Clios, both as an award show and as a screening, really push that. The screening and the after party were a big success. I think everyone had a blast!”

A major thanks to the entire Clio Awards staff, whose hard work and dedication made the evening possible. Thanks to First Light for their continued support of ihaveanidea and the industry we hope to affect, and most of all, thanks to everyone in New York who attended!

Brett McKenzie
Chief Writer/SBN2




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