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Marketing Awards Show 2006

Posted on March 20, 2006 and read 9,922 times

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I began the trek to the Marketing Awards from my condo on Fort York, thinking it would take me 5 minutes to get to the Liberty Grand from in front of the Exhibition Grounds. It was 6:15pm. OK – I was running late (hey – who in Advertising ever gets off work before 6pm – C’mon), but based on my ‘calculations’ I would be there just in time for the show to begin. A very ‘scenic’ tour, multiple crowded cabs of passing friends (you know who you are ..dammit), and 25 minutes later, I arrived. What a gorgeous venue, no wonder people get hitched here, but holy cow, talk about being off the beaten track- and where are signs directing you to this joint?

I filled out the card to win tickets to Berlin, checked my coat, and off I went – hunting feverishly for what was left of comp drinks. The show was hosted by Bensimon Byrne alum, Joe Canadian – or Jeff Douglas. There were to be no acceptance speeches and only those who won awards were permitted on stage to receive them. It made for a very painless show, but some people still could keep their yappers shut and Zak, the show’s co-chair had some ‘choice words’ for dissenters.

Taxi, Rethink, DDB and Zig cleaned up. Best of show went to Taxi’s Viagra spots, Best Advertiser went to DDB work for BC Dairy Foundation – and both won Gold in too many categories to list. And my friend Alex’s roommate Addie and her partner Mike (both from OCA) won gold for the Student NABS competition (dearest Alex- a certificate is commendable – and tell that to all the a-holes that didn’t even make it that far).

The party for began – with boobs (in a pimped out ride), a band, a buffet (which I must say was fantastic – Peking Duck, Seafood Risotto, Cheesecake bits) but alas no free booze – which meant the party died out as fast a the show was short – there’s only so much energy one can get from butter soaked rice and chocolate on sticks.

Kudos to Zak and Philippe for a great awards show. Too bad the party ended so soon – but as far as I’ve heard it went on until the wee hours down the street at the Drake.

Emily Bergeron




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