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Portfolio Night In Canada (Toronto)

Posted on May 31, 2005 and read 4,147 times

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For the second consecutive year Creative Directors and creative hopefuls descended upon 355 King Street West for Portfolio Night in Canada 3 – Toronto. At Indian Motorcycle, or was it The Original Motorcycle Company? Who knows? Call it whatever you want – but the only thing that matters is that the place was perfect. Actually, so was the entire night.

It’s no mystery why we returned to the same venue. An event of this nature needs a physical divide. In the case of “The Original Motorcycle Company” the event is split between the second and third floor. So while ‘the big cheeses’ were upstairs finding the next advertising superstar, eager young hopefuls were downstairs tossing back liquid courage and perusing each other’s books for spelling mistakes.

This event was our biggest yet. Advertising schools from across Toronto and beyond where represented. Registration took some time, but once the formalities where out of the way it was time to go. To kick things off ihaveanidea Founder and Director, Ignacio Oreamuno took to the stage. For obvious reasons his speech took on a hockey theme as he likened nurturing advertising hopefuls to nurturing young hockey hopefuls.

“What if we actually worked together in this same utter, irrational, incomprehensible, uncontrollable passion with the single goal of winning, and we trained and nurtured juniors just as hard as we train the kids that wake up at 5 am to go to hockey practice?” he shouted with a passion that would rival ‘Joe’ from ‘The Rant’. “And what if the Wayne Gretzkies of advertising,” Oreamuno challenged, “Took less time looking at old photos of them with the Stanley Cup and more time teaching young players how to win it.”

The range of professionals in attendance was worth noting. It wasn’t just the old guys who tell great stories and have amazing tidbits of wisdom and it wasn’t just today’s hotshots, it was truly diverse. It was so interesting to be able to look in one corner at see the Vice President and Creative Director of a multi-national agency, look in another corner and see a young star who cleaned up at the Marketing Awards and then turn around and bump into the one Creative Director who just about every single young creative in the city is foaming at the mouth to see.

Essentially that is what this event was about, bringing together the advertising stars of today to foster the growth of the advertising stars of tomorrow. But it’s more then just a portfolio review. Critiquing student books is only part of the equation. The bigger goal here is to help create an on-going dialogue between the entire advertising community. A community, which encompasses both professionals and students. But in the end everyone plays their own role in maintaining the contacts that were formed that night. It’s up to the students to reach out, but there is equal onus on the professionals to reach back.

A special thanks goes out to each and every sponsor, without them we would have been reviewing portfolios in Ignacio’s living room while drinking Tang. And thanks again to The Jimmy Swift Band – their set was a great way to close off a great night.

Brendan Watson
Events Editor




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