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The First Ever Junior Radio Competition

Posted on July 31, 2004 and read 7,241 times

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The winners in the “The First Ever Junior Radio Competition” were announced during Portfolio Night, held at the Indian Motorcycle Club Restaurant in downtown Toronto.The winners in the “The First Ever Junior Radio Competition” were announced during Portfolio Night, held at the Indian Motorcycle Club Restaurant in downtown Toronto.

We brought together Pirate Radio & Television, the best, largest and most award-winning audio production house in the country (These guys play bowling in the hallway with their Clios) and the Radio Marketing Bureau to challenge the entrants, to not just write a good idea, but to write a good idea that will see the light of day. This is no “Acme” tomato sauce, it’s a real client, it’s a real brief. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The entrants had to create a radio spot to launch the new “Luxury Trader” magazine.

Gold went to Matt Prokaziuk for “Divorce”. Along with the glory, Matt’s idea will be produced (that’s 10,000 dollars put into his idea) and he gets the Cyrstal Award, Canada’s most prestigious radio advertising award.



MAN: Hello. I’d like to take this opportunity to warn all the men about Luxury Auto Trader magazine. Allow me to offer this piece of advice. Don’t marry a money hungry spiteful witch. Or at least, make sure she signs a pre-nuptial. Kiss your stuff goodbye if you don’t. This includes your car. If you’re not careful, it will end up in the pages of Luxury Auto Trader. It’s where rich, divorced, spiteful women go to sell their ex-husbands pride and joy. Mercedes, Porsche, BMW. (Sobbing) All displayed in full colour. I need a minute here. Can we stop the music?

SFX: Luxury Auto Trader Sting

Silver went to “Maggie” by Linsey Stewart. She gets to enjoy a 15gig IPod and its FM transmitter iTrip.



V.O.: Luxury Auto Trader magazine, how can I help you?

MAN: Oh, hi, is it true that your magazine is now in colour?

V.O.: That’s right. Is there something that I can help you with?

MAN: I’m selling my car and would like to place an ad.

V.O.: Okay, what kind of car is it?

MAN: Maggie (PAUSED), oh she’s real beauty. Now here’s the thing. She’s quite fair and autumn colours drown her out.

V.O.: Umm, okay.

MAN: Oh, and don’t put her next to any orange or red cars.

V.O.: (SARCASTIC) Perhaps, yellow?

MAN: You’re kidding right? (PAUSED) In fact, white’s not such a great colour for her either. Well, it depends on the white. Are we talking bone white, or more of a creamy hue?


MAN: Yes.

V.O.: We are still talking about your car, right?

MAN: Yes, Maggie.

V.O.: Excuse me, Maggie

MAN: Try and keep up, let me recap.

Remember no harsh colours (VOICE TRAILS)


ANNCR: Thinking about selling your car? Place an ad in Auto’s Trader’s new full-colour Luxury Auto Trader magazine. Found at all newsstands, it lists over 3500 vehicles in each weekly issue.

And Richard Magill won Bronze for “The Magazine”. He took home a high-end vintage Grundig radio.

“The Magazine”


MAN: Yes dear?

WOMAN: We need to talk.

MAN: About what?

WOMAN: I found those magazines underneath your bed.

MAN: It’s not what you think.

WOMAN: It’s okay Tom, I know you’re going through a hard time. The kids are off on their own, we have some money saved up, you’re balding.

MAN: No, I’m just combing it differently.

WOMAN: Thomas, seriously, it’s okay. All men go through a mid-life crisis. I should be thankful that you don’t trade me in.

MAN: They have magazines for that? (both laugh)

WOMAN: Shut up, dear.

V.O.: Introducing the new Luxury Auto Trader magazine. With crisp, colour photos of high-end vehicles, it is the place to shop for a used, luxury car. So when you’re ready to trade up, your car that is, pick up your free Luxury Auto Trader magazine. Because there’s a fine line between classic and crap.


Honourable Mentions go to:

“The Problem” written by Christina Partridge and “Red Jag” written by Linsey Stewart.

“The Problem”


BOSS: I’m afraid we have a problem here, Jones.

JONES: A problem, sir?

BOSS: It’s your car.

JONES: What’s wrong with my car?

BOSS: It’s better than mine. People will talk, Jones. Get rid of it.

JONES: Sir, may I make another suggestion?

BOSS: What’s that, Jones?

JONES: Pick up a copy of Luxury Auto Trader. I flipped through the full-colour pages and before you knew it, I was behind the wheel of my dream car.

BOSS: Why, I think you’re on to something there, Jones. Good show.


V.O.: Luxury Auto Trader. Buy the car, get the image free.


“Red Jag”

MAN: Why are you looking at Luxury Auto Trader magazine?

WOMAN: Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always had this fantasy of owning a red Jag. I can just see myself bombing through the streets (MAN INTERRUPTS THOUGHT).

MAN: Red?

WOMAN: Excuse me?

MAN: You said red. This Jag isn’t red.

WOAMN: What are you talking about? It looks red to me.

MAN: Oh come on. When you buy a shade of lipstick is it red or just pink?


MAN: Of course not, it’s called Burnt Sunset, or Midnight Rendezvous, who knows?

WOMAN: What’s your point?

MAN: (PAUSE) Respect the vehicle. Honey, if we buy this, I don’t want people to say there goes the Red Jag. No. It’s so much more than red.

WOMAN: Are you feeling alright?


ANNCR: Luxury Auto Trader weekly magazine features over 3500 vehicles in full-colour. You decide what shade.

Congratulations to all the winners!




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