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First Time Jitters

Posted on July 31, 2003 and read 8,891 times

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Congratulations! You’ve finally convinced that new client to use Radio for the first time. It hasn’t been an easy sell so you want to do everything possible to make sure the campaign works. That’s good for Radio. It’s even better for the client. However, as the ink dries on the contract, the client starts to have questions, concerns and more questions. The First-Timer often needs a great deal of handholding at this stage and it’s not uncommon to get inundated with phone calls and e-mails. How do you handle it?

You can walk away and leave the client in the hands of the Creative department and hope for the best. (Some days, that’s a very attractive option.) Or, you can service your account by being an interested third party fleshing out details for the writer and giving your client regular updates. It’s your choice. However, the “Client Service” option is the key to repeat business.

As the sales rep., you have the power to ensure this new campaign will meet or exceed your client’s expectations. By working with the Creative team, you can define your client’s single, most important selling feature along with supporting benefits. By working with your client, you can articulate the reasons why not every little detail they give you will make it to the final script. Then, listen objectively to the finished commercial. You have the best perspective on whether it properly represents your client. If not, discuss changes with the writer and let the client know how it’s progressing. When you’re happy with the result, chances are, the client will be too. That way, when the campaign hits the airwaves, your client will know that everything possible has been done to ensure a successful result. At the end of it all, you will be seen as the person who patiently navigated them through the First Time Jitters and into a comfortable, long-term relationship. And that’s good for you.

Wray Ellis is Director of Creative Services at the Radio Marketing Bureau.




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