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What Other Possibilities Can We Explore?

Posted on July 30, 2003 and read 12,473 times

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It was early Sunday morning and I stretched myself out of bed. I saw the light on my phone flashing. I never heard the phone ring. Who could have phoned me so late? As I hit * 98 to retrieve my message, a sexy, manly, Spanish voice began to speak to me…

“ Hi, this is Carlos Delgado…”

Carlos Delgado? What kind of crazy joke is this I thought?

“Sorry I missed you. The dollar ticket game was really special. Expodite plus has organized a special ticket seat sale so that you will be able to attend this Wednesdays’ game for just $2.oo. There will be free refills on popcorn and soft drinks. Me and my teammates would like to see you there. Come by the Skydome Gate 9 or call 416. 341.1234 or log on to to buy tickets. Let’s pack the Skydome again.”

What the hell? How did they get my number?

The whole situation intrigued me. It was something new. It was something unexpected. Personally, I wasn’t angry in the least that my name and possibly my address had been added to a major call list. It’s not the first time and it surely won’t be the last. However, the question remains, what lengths should we go to in order to get the attention of the public? Do late night phone calls from Superstar athletes cross the line? Do flyers on our car windows infringe on our private space? What constitutes private space? Is it in our homes? In our cars? Should we proceed with trepidation in order not to offend potential customers?

One woman I spoke with was PISSED OFF that this company had the audacity to call me at home, and invade my space.

“Where do they get off!” she said. “Calling you at home after hours in your private space isn’t OK.”

I asked her, “What is private space?”

“It’s definitely in your home and in your own surroundings.” She said.

I asked, “So you wouldn’t have attended the game after a phone call from Mr. Carlos Delgado?”

“No way! That’s not right. If I would have received that phone message I would have hung up. It feels like an invasion,” she replied.

I spoke with a fellow co-worker, who is an avid sports enthusiast, about this phone call. He was thrilled with the idea and the attempt to get more attendance at a community event. He said that a few months back he was called at random by a local radio station. They left a message about an upcoming radio contest they were promoting. He didn’t normally listen to that specific radio station but after the call, he entered the contest and tuned-in everday to see if he was the next contest winner. He wasn’t offended in the least. He loved the idea that the station was attempting to extend its reach with random phone calls.

Even though I didn’t rush out and buy a ticket to see Mr. Delgado and his teammates, it was the first time I had ever been approached by a superstar athlete in this fashion. I saved the message for a few days and I played it for my friends. We had a great laugh. And we logged on to the Jays website to check-out the dates and times of upcoming games. And how often can you say “ Carlos Delgado phoned me last night!”

Regardless if I did, or didn’t, rush out to buy my ticket to the Jays game, at least I knew that the opportunity was available. I had the option to continue listening to the proposition or hang up my phone and carry on with my morning routine. Some people may become offended by a message and others may not. We all have different values and beliefs. Our personal opinions are always subjective. And if we never try to extend our reach in innovative ways we will never grow. We’re in an exciting field and there are so many domains we have yet to explore. Perhaps ads on transit transfers? Or parking tickets?

We’re here on this earth to take part, to interact, to communicate. And trying to find new and creative ways of doing this is a challenge. From random telephone calls and event marketing, to ‘Roll up the Rims’ and ‘Corn Pop’ cereal contest. We always the have the option of filtering out unwanted messages whether it’s in a public or private space. “No thanks, I’m not interested.” Or “Hey, sounds great. Let me hear more!” We always have a choice. And when the message is presented in a new and exciting way we’re sure to get more people informed, aware, and interested in hearing what we have to say.

If anyone out there has any stories they would like to share about any exciting marketing schemes, we’d love to hear from you.

Catherine Konopelky




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