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The Right Words Of Encouragement

Posted on July 30, 2003 and read 12,712 times

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Dear ihaveanidea readers,

Have you ever been stuck for a good word? Or the perfect phrase when trying to describe something. It’s not an easy thing to overcome. So with much thought and dedication, the perfect words for why I am here have come:

I find the advertising industry fascinating. I love being a part of it and I love making my mark on it in any way I can. I am a writer in the truest sense of the word. I write because I enjoy it. I write in my own and with my own heart and emotion. Poetry, letters and stories — I like to write about almost anything and everything.

So, this is where I will appeal to you all. If there is anything you want to read about, hear about or learn more about, let me know and I will try my best to do it for you. Otherwise, my goal when writing for ihaveanidea is going to be about writing on issues that matter to us. Issues that can help make us all better advertisers and better people. Stay tuned…


Okay, so after 3 years of hard work and determination it’s time to enter the working field. What a scary and exciting time this is. There is a lot going through our heads as we begin our career, and this article is a little insight into the mind of junior. It will also include some advice that I offer to everyone involved in the advertising industry on how to deal with the ‘newbies’ and some advice to the ‘newbies’ on how to make to it work.


So, it’s our first day and we are absolutely petrified of saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. It’s all about trying to sound smart and intelligent and remembering every word of the people you talk to. There is this fear amongst us new ad people that we’ll make the biggest mistake of our life and it will follow us always and prevent us from ever getting a decent job.

As for anyone already working in the industry it means so much to us entry-level people, for you to make us feel welcome. There are so many ways to do this, you can invite us out for lunch or stop by our desk for a chat, or even just look us in the eye and say hello when we pass in the halls. Just knowing that you are aware we are there, means a lot.

We thrive of your encouragement because we look up to you all. We love hearing what you have to say about everything. Your insights on the industry are so encouraging and your re-constructive criticisms are what guide and lead up to becoming great advertising professionals like yourselves.

Feedback is the ultimate thing the ‘higher-ups’ can give a junior or entry level person. We are afraid that you will hate everything we bring to the table. And sometimes you may, but when you tell us why you hate it or how we can emphasize on an idea and take it to the next level, it makes all the difference.

If we happen do something you like and you think is good, telling us that is a really good thing. It’s the ultimate boost of confidence when your Creative Director comes over and says, “Corina, those letters you did were great, good job!” It makes your entire day, and then you think, “okay, I can do this.” – now we are really on our way.

Getting along the way is a hard thing to do. It requires a lot of energy, determination, heart and passion for advertising. Anyone can come up with an ad idea. But us? We come up with a story, a brand and create a life for product or a service. I have learned that we are a part of the product. In essence, we are the products. Without our ideas and our selling abilities, these products would not have the life that they have. So for all junior and entry level people out there, take this advice: be consumed by your work and be honest and true to what you are doing. Don’t work hard, but work smart.

Another thing I have learned, and this may help the juniors or entry-level people is that coming up with great work, and creating that great story for a product requires you to put yourself into a different mindset. You need inspiration.

Inspiration? What is it exactly? It’s hard to describe, yet we always need that extra bit of it to make things work. Have you been trying to come up with a headline and you can feel it right there on the tip of your tongue, but you just need that little kick to make it come out, well that kick my friend, is inspiration.

So lets talk a little bit about this hard to come by tool that we as advertisers, both junior and senior, strive on to make us award-winning pieces of creative. In an industry where our markets are bombarded with advertisements everyday, on subways, trains, bus shelters, and even the backs of airplane seats. In this industry, one of the hardest things to do is come up with that one ad or Campaign that stands out from the rest. To get this, you need great inspiration.

There are so many ways to get inspired. Nothing fancy, noting spectacular, just something that is different from the day-to-day routine you are used to could be the thing to make that little light in your head go off.

I suggest many things. If you’re a Copywriter or and Art Director, often sitting at your desk and trying to come up with an original catchy headline or the perfect DM piece layout can be nearly impossible. This is when you need to do something different. For some people, a simple walk down the street and thinking about practically nothing will drop the perfect idea into their head. For others, it may take a bit more work. It’s up to you to do that one thing that is out of the ordinary. Go somewhere you haven’t been before. Being in a new area, with new surroundings and people you don’t know, puts you into a different mindset. When you look at the same things and the same people day after day, the same ideas will keep popping into your head.

I suggest buying a fish bowl for your desk and some paper. Then take these pieces of paper and write on them different ideas for inspiration. One could say, “go see the latest movie” or “take a walk down to the bay front and feed the seagulls” or something as simple as “go to the other Starbucks down the street” – instead of the one you go to every other time. Then when you are in need of some inspiration, you just take out a sheet of paper and you do what it says. And then, hopefully, you will be able to find the kick you need.

So as you begin your journey into this crazy and tantalizing career, remember that it’s all about what you can bring to the industry and what the industry can bring to you. You are a part of it. Without you, it would not work, it would not revolve, and it would not survive. But also know that without passion, courage and inspiration, you will not work, revolve or survive.

Until next time…

Corina Brennan




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