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Posted on July 30, 2003 and read 7,468 times

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Sometimes I just have to ask myself why. Why the fuck did I choose advertising, out of all the creative fields out there! This article may seem like I’m venting; but that’s because I am . What better way to release the frustration of being turned down for a job, countless numbers of time, then to write an article that thousands of people will read?

It seems like every interview I’ve been on, which has been about 40, (maybe more, I lost count), seems to be the exact same as the one before it. It’s as if I’m in line at a giant cafeteria of agencies all telling me to pick the green jello. And by the way, I hate green jello. The most honest info I can give all you job hunters out there, is that finding a job is tough.

When you’re fresh out of school, and haven’t had very many interviews, you might be choked up and a little bit nervous. With time though, interviews will seem so repetitive, that you will find that they take the same amount of mental power and concentration as pumping gas. Just be yourself. If you expect to land a job after only about ten interviews, then pull the covers back over your head, ‘cause you’re fucking dreaming. Don’t be discouraged though, because eventually, you will get hired, jump out of bed, and get your ass to work.

Here’s one thing to remember when starting the interview circuit: Just like anybody in life, some people that you will encounter are jerks; pure and simple. They’ll be sarcastic, and demeaning, and tell you that they love your book, even though it is obvious that they think it is the biggest piece of garbage that they have laid their gritty hands on. Basically, I am saying that these people will waste your time. But I’m also here to tell you, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For every asshole out there, there’s also a genuinely nice and decent person, who will you give you constructive criticism, and point you in the right direction. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few people, with the characteristics described above, that continue to help give me direction, long after the interview is over. And I appreciate it.

I know it’s frustrating; you know it’s frustrating, so ask yourself then, why do we do it? I don’t know if you’d answer this way, but I’ll tell you my theory. We put up with: telephone tag, extended hours updating our books, and countless rejections, because we love it. It’s as simple as that, we love the: stress, the long days, the gossip, the friends, and most importantly, the ideas. So next time you get a, “Thanks, but no thanks,” or a door slammed in your face, just remember you do it ‘cause you love it.

Shira Steinberg




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