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Itsasham – (Stupid Human Advertising & Marketing)

Posted on October 24, 2002 and read 12,719 times

Itsasham – (Stupid Human Advertising & Marketing) thumbnail

I’m young , just turned 25 and well on my way to cougariety. Sense and Sensibility! Humanity is saturated with a symphony of superstring analogies and SHAM strain. Take me for instance; today’s SHAM has killed my ability to differentiate between product or Prozac, quality or smut. WHY are we belittled by modern day barn bread advertising? Dick Van Patten, George Foreman, Ronco, that crazy phone bitch with the African accent, Rio hair products, It offends me to continue. Next thing you know you have Ralph Macchio staring in car waxing spots with William Katt flying overhead in tight red bobby socks crappin on the car Ralph is waxing (good idea, it’s in the hat). I mean where does this all end, when does some sort of body step in and tell the networks, radio and rags to a.) not pawn crappy merchandise and b.) don’t let bed side advertising into media. You have tremendously creative people that work tirelessly for see George Foreman, read a cue card with the vowels underlined and watch him pull in half a billion? SHAM has go to be cut out of modern communiqué … on the other hand, it’s got me so wound up, I remembered all the spots…HEY the SHAM does sink after all.

I guess it goes without saying that 45% of North American culture is inbread. This advertising works, Ronco, PFN and other “SHAM” marketers have a huge cap on product/service dilution in the North American market. For instance PFN (Psychic Friends Network ) grossed over 2 billion in revenues…WHAT! I’ve watched this trend since I was a kid…mentally tuning in these credulously silly info racks of media pushed at us, and for some reason are incredibly fascinating to read and watch. This trend seems to be continually pushing forward hording market shares for further rape. Is this the future of Advertising? When do we pull the ring out of the bulls nose? How can mind numbing farm trash media smear the future of a modern day creative ointment? Is this going to continue to spread. I think it disheartening? I think so. Is it taking away from our art, culture and business?

Hey I’m just a kid who is all the creative for a healthcare claim processing company, what do I know, my industry is as exciting as congealing wil-nuts.

Tyson Dore is 25, and now has a handle on the Healthcare Processing Industry, currently working for SXC World Wide, as creative director. He travels between Scottsdale and Chicago working out various ongoing corporate creative/marketing projects.




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