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Portfolio Night

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Created in 2003 when most of its founders were mere juniors in the ad business themselves, Portfolio Night is not only the gleaming gem of the IHAVEANIDEA calendar, it has grown to become one of the most anticipated industry events in the world.

Portfolio Night — the largest advertising portfolio review of its kind in the world — unites the entire advertising industry in each participating city, and in turn each city is united on a global scale for this one magical evening in mid to late spring. From Beijing to Beirut to Barcelona to Boston to Buenos Aires, the global advertising industry comes together to celebrate and elevate the next generation of creative talent.

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Portfolio Night has ignited the advertising world in a way that few other events can. Creative directors aren’t treated like untouchable gods, young creatives aren’t treated like “just a bunch of kids” and this all brings about an incredible positive energy within the ad world. This energy is so palpable that even the mainstream press has taken notice; Portfolio Night has been featured in such well-known publications as The New York Times and Forbes.


To date, nearly five thousand aspiring art directors and copywriters have taken part in Portfolio Night around the world. To them, Portfolio Night is an evening of making connections within the industry, gathering sound advice about their work and having a fun evening with their own peers. For many, the evening was their “big break”, their first major stepping stone into a career in advertising. Some particularly enthusiastic young creatives have traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles just to attend Portfolio Night in their “dream city.”

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Portfolio Night has also been attended by hundreds of the world’s top creative directors. To them, Portfolio Night is an ideal way of giving back to the advertising community. Busy creative directors are afforded very little time in their daily lives to meet and mentor newcomers to the business, and Portfolio Night has served them we. In addition to these altruistic motives, creative directors have also used Portfolio Night to find and hire fresh new talent. There are always some especially gifted juniors who come to Portfolio Night, and creative directors are often attending with the objective of snapping them up for their agencies.

Portfolio Night is also supported by partners and sponsors the world over, both on a global and local scale. These include world renowned advertising schools, photography, production companies, technology and creative software companies and industry publications, all with vested interest in a shining future for our industry.

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The core of Portfolio Night’s international success are the Host Agencies. These agencies are leaders in their respective cities, and can range from local offices of giant multinational firms to nimble boutiques and independent shops. Whether they are an organization of 15 or 500, Host Agencies all have one thing in common: a drive to take the reins and lead their city onto Portfolio Night’s international stage.

Host agencies work alongside IHAVEANIDEA and global partners to make sure their Portfolio Night is an incredible experience, and is showcased to the entire advertising world.


As of 2009, Portfolio Night has taken place in 55 cities in 35 countries around the globe.

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As you can see, Portfolio Night has touched many areas of the planet, but there is still room for growth. In the near future, IHAVEANIDEA hopes to expand Portfolio Night into other regions with vibrant advertising industries, such as Denmark, South Africa, and Japan.

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For a more detailed look at Portfolio Night, including photos, videos and coverage from around the planet, please visit the official Portfolio Night website:

For more information on becoming a Portfolio Night Global Partner or a Host Agency, please get in touch with:

Ignacio Oreamuno

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Connect with the ad community

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Portfolio Night — the world\'s largest advertising portfolio review — is the shining jewel of IHAVEANIDEA\'s calendar. Click here for all your Portfolio Night information.

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