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Press Releases   ·   May 5, 2011

Organizations join forces to help advertising industry overcome difficult talent-placement challenges

Toronto, May 5, 2011—In an exciting move to optimize the pairing of top creative talent with major international brands and agencies, Toronto-based creative staffing and workforce management firm Creative Niche ( and ihaveanidea (—the world’s longest-running and most extensive online community dedicated to advertising professionals—are announcing a dynamic new global talent recruitment partnership.

As part of the agreement, ihaveanidea will open its network of tens of thousands of creative professionals and promote Creative Niche to its global network of agency contacts around the world. Creative Niche will then use this wealth of contacts to help fill creative positions globally.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our company to grow its global presence, while helping advertising firms of all sizes satisfy their needs for top creative talent,” says Creative Niche CEO Mandy Gilbert. “This partnership has transformed Creative Niche into a worldwide force on the creative staffing and recruitment front and opens up a vast array of possibilities for us to expand our reach as a company.”

As founder Ignacio Oreamuno explains, the partnership was born of a desire to solve a growing problem faced by the advertising industry—the inability to recruit top creative talent with diverse, often technology-focused, skill sets.

“There’s a talent crisis going on because the people the advertising agencies need are very difficult to find,” Oreamuno says. “They need people that understand social media, but also understand traditional advertising. Through this partnership, we’re going to comb all of our networks to solve that problem and create what will be the powerhouse of creative recruitment.”

Understanding that the high-speed nature of Internet-based communications continues to interconnect companies from around the world ever faster, Gilbert and Oreamuno also understood the need to provide firms with access to talent from outside of traditional markets. “Agencies are telling us they want professionals from different regions to maximize the scope of the creative ideas they bring to the table,” Gilbert says. “This partnership allows us to tap into top talent pools stretching across the world’s most dynamic creative talent communities.”

Creative Niche will also be an active participant in ihaveanidea’s flagship Portfolio Night events and semi-annual Tomorrow Awards, which honour the best and brightest new minds the advertising industry has to offer.

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About Creative Niche

Creative Niche is a Toronto-based creative recruitment and workforce management firm founded by entrepreneur and recruitment-industry expert Mandy Gilbert in 2002. The firm connects leading companies with top talent to create the most unique, inspired work possible, while creating a positive experience for all of its associates.

Creative Niche’s core services include temporary, contract and permanent staffing for a wide variety of marketing-communications, digital, advertising and creative positions across industries, as well as contract workforce management. The firm works with multinational advertising, digital and PR agencies throughout Canada, as well as large public and private organizations such as Sid Lee, Draft FCB, Sapient Nitro, Taxi, TD Bank, KPMG, RBC Dexia, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and McMillan. Creative Niche is currently expanding its operations in Europe and the U.S.

About ihaveanidea

ihaveanidea is “the community of the international advertising industry,” one of the oldest and longest-running websites dedicated to advertising. Founded in 2001 by Ignacio Oreamuno, ihaveanidea was initially conceived as an online resource for people within the advertising industry to share their knowledge and experiences, with the belief that such an exchange could benefit all within the industry. Over the years, ihaveanidea has grown in scale and scope, and has formed a significant offline presence as well, most notably with “Pick Me”, a bestselling book based on ihaveanidea’s popular “Ask Jancy” column, and Portfolio Night, an annual globe-spanning event where thousands of esteemed creative directors and aspiring creatives meet for advice, mentorship, recruitment and camaraderie.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, ihaveanidea maintains an “informal but informed” tone that has made it a favorite of like-minded decision -makers and an essential “go-to” for young people just beginning their advertising careers.

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Connect with the ad community

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