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Press Releases   ·   April 10, 2007

(TORONTO, April 10th 2007) On May 3rd 2007, ihaveanidea, Advertising’s Intellectual Archive, will be presenting the Portfolio Night 5 World Tour in 23 cities across the globe and is partnering with DDB Worldwide and other industry heavyweights to ensure a world-class event.

ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 5 World Tour is the largest simultaneous advertising portfolio review ever held in the world, featuring a uniquely designed portfolio review process in a “speed-dating” setting. The event helps students and aspiring young creatives around the world break into the ad industry and involves the top creative directors in each participating city. This year’s global participants include Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm, London, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, New York City, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

“Portfolio Night is not just an event; it is a test for the advertising community. Every year we set the bar higher because we want to use Portfolio Night to prove to the advertising industry that when we work together for a common goal, in this case the future of the ad industry, great and magical things happen. Our partners and sponsors have worked very hard across the globe to make this happen, we can’t wait to see what’ll happen on May 3 ” says Ignacio Oreamuno, President of ihaveanidea.

ihaveanidea is pleased to announce DDB Worldwide as the global agency partner and Gold Sponsor for the Portfolio Night 5 World Tour for the second consecutive year. DDB Worldwide, one of the world’s most historic and creative agencies, is partnering with ihaveanidea to bring Portfolio Night 5 to 15 DDB offices in ten countries. The participating DDB offices are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Together these cities represent over half of the 23 cities where Portfolio Night is being held in 2007. Additionally, creative directors from DDB offices in Montreal, Barcelona and Amsterdam will also be involved in Portfolio Night 5 events.

Bob Scarpelli, chairman and chief creative officer of DDB Worldwide, says “I’m very proud of our extensive involvement with Portfolio Night this year. This unique event is now truly international in scope, and what it represents perfectly reflects DDB’s philosophy of giving back to the community we work in, and our vision of being the most creative agency network in the world. By championing Portfolio Night, DDB is able to assist young people and the industry, while at the same time finding and recruiting the best new creative talent.”

Gold Sponsor VCU Adcenter will also be in each city promoting their intensive, real-world education for future advertising leaders. At the same time, Gold Sponsor and Media Partner Adweek will deliver breaking advertising news both globally and regionally. Corbis, a creative resource for advertising, marketing and media professionals. Finally, adbeast will again lend its technology to host all the portfolios online giving all participating creative directors access to each of the portfolios from around the world.

Students enrolled in advertising programs, recent graduates, and up-and-coming creatives will have the opportunity to spend valuable face-to-face time with their cities most prestigious creative directors. Young creatives are encouraged to attend this event in one of the cities taking part where they will have the opportunity to speak with three or more world-class creative directors.

Cost to participate is $35 in North America and will vary in participating cities around the world. All aspiring creatives or juniors with an advertising portfolio must register online at ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 5 website.

Gold Sponsors and Partners of the Portfolio Night 5 World Tour are DDB Worldwide, First Light, Adweek and VCU Adcenter.

Additional Sponsors include freeset’s Human Locator, TAXI, Sid-Lee, Studio M, Tattoo Music, Duncan/Channon, adbeast, Eloda, Technicolor, Fuel Industries, The Clio Awards, Future Marketing, Chicago Portfolio School, Complot, Talent Payment Services and

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