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Press Releases   ·   April 8, 2007

(TORONTO, April 8, 2007) ihaveanidea – Advertising’s Intellectual Archive – has signed legendary 1970s hard rock band Burn Back, to headline Portfolio Night 5. Burn Back’s “Portfolio Night 5 World Tour” will happen on May 3rd 2007, when the band will do the impossible and play live at each Portfolio Night event in over 28 cities.

ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 5 is the world’s largest simultaneous advertising portfolio review, featuring a uniquely designed portfolio review process in a “speed-dating” setting. The event helps students and aspiring young creatives around the world break into the ad industry, and involves the top creative directors in each participating city.

“For four years Portfolio Night 5 has brought together the greatest creative directors and the most talented up and coming young creatives in North America,” says Ignacio Oreamuno, President of ihaveanidea. “This year is our first opportunity to make it a truly global event, with creative venues in every continent, and we needed somebody with lots of experience with world tours to help us. This is why we’ve joined with the phenomenon that is Burn Back.”

Burn Back, who haven’t been prominent in the music scene in nearly a quarter century, are elated about the chance to perform. “Just as Portfolio Night 5 is a wonderful opportunity for young creatives all over the world to meet with the best of the best creative directors on earth, we think it’s a perfect way for us to see all of our fans, be they in New York, Sydney, Singapore or Amsterdam,” explains Rupert Stannick, vocalist and bassist. “Especially Amsterdam. I’m really looking forward to going back there.”

While remembered for such rock classics as “Saucy Supper” and “Digging a Well to Hell,” the members of Burn Back have recorded all new material for their Portfolio Night 5 World Tour appearance. “As they say in advertising and in music, always know your audience,” says Brucie McVicker, Burn Back’s enthusiastic guitarist. “Just because Portfolio Night is now a worldwide, globe-spanning event doesn’t mean we won’t give the people what they want.”

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Registration and information for all Portfolio Night 5 cities, as well as more information on Burn Back’s exciting involvement, can be found here. Registration for Portfolio Night begins on April 8th.

About Portfolio Night

Started in 2002, Portfolio Night is ihaveanidea’s annual ‘crown jewel’ event, where the advertising industry’s top talents come together to review the portfolios of students, juniors and creative hopefuls in an exciting and engaging environment unlike anything ever done before. For eager up and comers, Portfolio Night is an incredible opportunity to meet with the highest acclaimed creatives in the world, for critique, advice and possibly the beginning of their careers. For creative directors, Portfolio Night represents a chance to give back to the advertising community, and unite the industry in fellowship.

Since its inception, Portfolio Night has always been held on one evening, simultaneously in all cities. This year, Portfolio Night will be held on Thurs. May 3rd, 2007, in more than 28 cities and 21 countries around the world.

About Burn Back

Burn Back was founded in Shoreditch, East London, UK in 1969 by childhood friends Rupert Stannick (vocals/bass), Brucie McVicker (guitar), and Oliver Bromwell (percussion). Inspired by the success and attention of other local musicians, the trio attempted to carve their own niche into the emerging heavy metal scene. Noted for their theatrical stage shows, complicated lyrics and intense touring schedule throughout the 1970s, Burn Back has been credited with inventing some of the more clichéd stereotypes associated with heavy metal musicians.

After several albums and singles, scandalous tabloid fodder behaviour and a ban from entering several Eastern European countries, Burn Back disbanded abruptly in 1984, citing a lack of appreciation for their artistic talents. Stannick, McVicker and Bromwell have avoided the spotlight since then, but have been reunited and reenergized to headline ihaveanidea’s Portfolio Night 5 World Tour.

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