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Press Releases   ·   March 12, 2007

(TORONTO, March 12, 2007) ihaveanidea, Advertising’s Intellectual Archive, announces adblogs, the world’s first ever blogging community for advertising professionals. ihaveanidea aims for adblogs to become the new epicenter of ad industry opinion.

In support of ihaveanidea’s mission to globally promote the advertising industry, the unique project today launches the adblogs hosting service free of charge until 2008. Adbloggers can upgrade to have adblogs Plus features for $49.95 a year at anytime without any obligation.

ihaveanidea’s adblogs offers industry professionals a rich set of features for publishing, updating, and sharing information on the Web via the popular website The unique features, designed specifically for advertising professionals, are easy to use and offer advance features such as mobile blogging (moblogging), portfolio showcase, video streaming, RSS, podcasting and more.

“We’re giving the advertising community the keys and the power to be heard, to get their ideas seen, to have their portfolios viewed and more. Since day one, ihaveanidea was designed to serve the industry as a living and breathing online brain where the industry itself feeds and consumes its own knowledge in a perpetual cycle. Adblogs is another tool by which the industry will continue to do that.” says Ignacio Oreamuno, President of ihaveanidea. “Right now there are only a handful of good blogs written by industry professionals. The ratio of bloggers sharing knowledge and the actual amount of know-how and people in the business of advertising is not balanced. We intend to change that.”

ihaveanidea has a dedicated audience that comes back again and again to to consume and share topical industry content and opinions. Now, regardless of your industry rank, over 360,000 unique visitors to the ihaveanidea Web site will be able to see your posts. Adblogs is the best way to build a professional presence with ihaveanidea’s audience – the world’s advertising industry.

ihaveanidea Adblogs connects professionals in advertising with the people who matter in the industry in various ways: to find a new job or to write about the one you have, to broadcast news or to share your individual passion to the world of advertising, to engage with your clients or to find new ones. ihaveanidea’s adblogs are easy to start and maintain. In minutes, with ihaveanidea’s adblogs service, it is easy to have a great-looking, up-to-date, search-engine friendly, highly trafficked, presence on the web.

Connect with the ad community

Connect with the ad community

Who better to advertise to than a global audience of advertising fans and professionals? Integrate your brand with the IHAVEANIDEA community.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

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How to reach us

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