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Press Releases   ·   December 13, 2005

(TORONTO, December 13th, 2005) ihaveanidea, Advertising’s Intellectual Archive, partners with TAXI to launch their new campaign. The Internet campaign, with a new tagline of ‘Share ads, Talk ads, Know ads’ created by TAXI and directed by Academy Award winning director Michael Downing humorously illustrates how great ads become a part of pop culture and are recognized and celebrated by people from all walks of life. Zak Mroueh, VP Executive Creative Director at TAXI says, “I think what Ignacio and his team are trying to do for the industry is healthy. The intention of this campaign is to target the industry globally and have more people talking about the site. Through the nature of the ideas and insights, I think it’s the kind of work that will be shared and enjoyed around the world.” The campaign highlights some of advertising’s most memorable ads. In the 3 spots, these famous commercials are referenced by ‘regular people’ in everyday conversations and situations. The idea stems from ihaveanidea’s mandate of nurturing the industry intellectually through its online community where creativity, great ads and ideas are shared and talked about.

“ihaveanidea is a project created and run by advertising creatives. For this campaign we had to jump in the shoes of ‘the client’ and put our money where our mouth is to work with TAXI and create something that would impact the ad industry and spread the message we preach. Having TAXI, the best agency in Canada across the street from us made it very easy to choose them. The companies that jumped on board to make this campaign happen, Technicolor, TPS (Talent Payment Services), TAXI and Untitled are all world class ad industry citizens. I commend them for helping us and supporting the ihaveanidea dream,” says Ignacio Oreamuno, Founder and Director of ihaveanidea.

Campaign credits: TITLES:”GRANDMA”, “CONSTRUCTION”, “MOTEL ROOM”; CLIENT: ihaveanidea ;PRODUCT OR SERVICE: ; CLIENT NAMES: Ignacio Oreamuno, Director, Jay Thompson, VP of Stuff ; CLIENT ADDRESS/TELEPHONE NUMBER: ; EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Zak Mroueh ; ART DIRECTOR: Guybrush Taylor ; WRITER: Ryan Wagman; AGENCY PRODUCER: Jennifer Mete; PRODUCTION HOUSE: UNTITLED; DIRECTOR: Michael Downing; EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Peter Davis, James Davis; PRODUCER: Tom Evelyn; DOP/CINEMATOGRAPHER: Andre Pienaar; SHOOT DATE: November 17, 2005; EDITOR: Aaron Dark, School Editing; ON-LINE CONFORM / TRANSFER: Technicolor; COLOURIST: Walt Biljan, Technicolor; COLOUR ASSISTANT: Brett Trider, Technicolor; ONLINE ARTISTS: Dan Kelly, Alex Boothby, Technicolor; PRODUCER: Sean Fennell, Technicolor; COORDINATORS: Daniel Frank, Lisa Major, Technicolor; MUSIC HOUSE: Song & Patter; TALENT PAYMENT SERVICES: TPS; PERFORMERS/TALENT: “GRANDMA” Wilma Murray (PP); “CONSTRUCTION” Mary Kitchen (PP), Serge Gallinaro (PP), Christopher Bond (PP), Michael Chapman (PP), Tony Cianchino (PP); “MOTEL ROOM” Michael Axmith (PP), Shannon Beckner (PP); CLIENT SUPERVISORS: Ignacio Oreamuno, Jay Thompson; ACCOUNT MANAGERS: Jessica Tawfik, Renee MacCarthy

Campaign sponsors are TAXI, UNTITLED, Talent Payment Services Inc. and Technicolor Creative Services.

The campaign is set to launch worldwide today as an Internet campaign.

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