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IHAVEANIDEA's mission is to shape the future of the advertising industry through an intellectual archive that provokes creative professionals to think or act.


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Who Are We?

IHAVEANIDEA is the community of the international advertising industry, one of the oldest and longest running websites dedicated to advertising. Founded in 2001 by Ignacio Oreamuno, IHAVEANIDEA was conceived as an online resource for advertising professionals and lovers to share their knowledge and experience, with the belief that such an exchange would benefit all within the advertising industry.

Over the years, IHAVEANIDEA has grown in scale and scope, and has formed a significant offline presence as well. With a globally connected network, IHAVEANIDEA is able to aptly pair potential with need through its recruitment resources for both agencies and job-seekers alike. Columns such as "Ask Jancy," penned by former Chief Creative Officers of Ogilvy & Mather Toronto and Co-Founders of Swim, Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, share wisdom and advice, while events such as the annual globe-spanning Portfolio Night allow thousands of esteemed creative directors and aspiring creatives to meet for advice, mentorship, recruitment and camaraderie around the world.

IHAVEANIDEA is also the force behind the Tomorrow Awards, recognizing boundary-breaking and innovative work, by removing categories and conventions, and the founders of Giant Hydra, a mass collaboration network on a global scale that allows agencies to deliver excellence beyond their internal resources.

IHAVEANIDEA maintains an "informal but informed" tone that has made it a favorite of like-minded decision makers, and creative industry professionals worldwide.


"IHAVEANIDEA is a wonderful organization that has brought so many bright, young people into this business."

Steve Hayden, Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

"No matter how much this industry may change, there is one thing that still matters and will matter until the end of time: Ideas. That's why IHAVEANIDEA will continue to be the source of inspiration for the industry young and old."

Rei Inamoto, Chief Creative Officer, AKQA


  • C2 It That You Actually Learn Something Useful in MTL thumbnail

    C2 It That You Actually Learn Something Useful in MTL

    I know I’m a bit weird, but I love going to industry conferences. Not because I get a day or two out of the office and the chance to travel; my office is virtual anyway because I’m on the road traveling 100% of the time, so there’s no added perk there.

    I love conferences because (nerd alert!) I love being in a learning environment. It’s surprising I wasn’t a “lifer” university student, because I actually adored going to classes, debating with my peers and feeling my brain expand with new facts and perspectives. Conferences are the closest thing to university in our professional lives. And we’re not graded on anything, so it’s a win-win.

  • Give Peace, and Banner Advertising, a Chance thumbnail

    Give Peace, and Banner Advertising, a Chance

    Banner advertising is dead, right?


    A soapbox that JWT North America’s Chief Creative Officer Jeff Benjamin briefly stood upon at the recent 4A’s Transformation LA conference in Los Angeles, driving home the point that the media some advertisers have given up on deserves a second chance.

  • Happy New… February!? thumbnail

    Happy New… February!?

    What! We’re a month into 2012 already? And so it goes, eh? A happy, if not ever-so-slightly belated, New Year wish to each of you from the IHAVEANIDEA team.

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